Sefiwa Monyamane is an engineering professional and Engineering Institute of Technology graduate from Botswana. Currently working at a state-run electricity utility company, Botswana Power Corporation, Sefiwa is a scholar of the world of electrical engineering. But why did he choose the world of electrical engineering and more specifically, EIT?

“New inventions are ever-changing in complexity, especially in power utilities. As an innovative individual, I thought this was the right course and the right field to express my interest in the technologies of the industry.”

Sefiwa first began to pursue a career in electrical engineering many years ago. He attended Shashe River School between 1999 and 2000. There he received his Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) in Physical Sciences. Soon after, he enrolled for a Diploma in Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Botswana, receiving his diploma in 2003.

 In 2005, he went on to work in Broadcasting Services as a Transmission Technician. Three years later, he would join the Botswana Power Corporation as a Commercial Technician, working there from 2008 to 2016. It was during this time that Sefiwa enrolled for EIT’s 52727WA - Advanced Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering in Mining.

Sefiwa enrolled in the program after the profession he was pursuing began demanding that he continue to develop his skills in the industry.

“I have come to understand the entire scope of work across the power industry in the particular sector I am in. It was covered by the modules in EIT’s course. The course captured every aspect of power from generation to distribution, which was useful because now I utilize the knowledge in my daily work.”

In 2016, he found himself fulfilling a role as an Operations and Instrumentation Coordinator at Serviceline Engineering. He remained in that role until rejoining Botswana Power Corporation in 2019, this time, and he worked as Planning Technician for the state utility. His day to day responsibilities include load forecasting and network extensions to cater for future scenarios at the utility.

Sefiwa is looking forward to the remainder of his ever-expanding career and is currently considering enrolling for the Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) with EIT. He is also keen on learning more about renewable energy technologies as he notices the power generation industry moving away from coal-based generation to solar energy. EIT caters to that too — students can seek out the 52764WA - Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies.

Sefiwa’s career progression and academic journey is proof that he is an individual dedicated to serving his community, improving lives, and working towards a better future.

“With the dream of obtaining my bachelor's degree, I foresee a change in the way our utility generates its power - especially because the world is embarking on utilizing green technologies. And I want to be ahead of the learning curve when it comes.”

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