2017 EIT Outstanding Student Award Runner-up

Courses completed: Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering DE22

Date of completion: October 2017

I am a trade & advanced diploma qualified electrical commissioning specialist, with extensive knowledge & skills in high voltage power distribution systems & possessing valuable experience in the oil & gas industry within Australia & overseas.

I am incredibly driven, a forward thinker, loyal and highly skilled, I have more than 10 years’ experience, as a trade qualified electrical technician in which I have been able to rapidly advance my career in the oil and gas sector. I’m greatly appreciative of the exceptional experiences I had so far in my professional career.


Experience at EIT

EIT Stock ImageMy study experience at EIT was extremely positive. I was initially apprehensive to enrol with EIT as I was concerned that I would overload myself as I had just been given a job promotion an about to enter into a very busy period at work. I was able to over come my apprehensiveness due to some encouragement from a work colleague. I am now extremely grateful that he gave me the push I needed.

I found that I was able to keep ahead of my studies and gain good marks on my assignment by being very structured and organised with my studies. I work on an offshore gas platform which meant that I would be home for 3 weeks at a time with plenty of spare time and then away for 3 weeks at work where I would be very busy. I tried to do the majority of my study during the day whilst at home and then less while I was away at work. Small things that were able to help me to be organised was I would download all the module content to my laptop and file the documents in structured folders as well as keep a study diary to schedule and plan the work I needed to do for the course.

The online format delivery of the course was tremendous, and the course content such as the slides and the readings allowed me to keep a well structured source of information that I was able to learn from then continue to refer back to when needing information not only for my course but for my day job as well.


I found the access to many software programs via the remote labs very useful, which saved me from having to download programs onto my own computer. My Learning Support Officer was very diligent in her efforts especially early on in the course when students were getting to know the structure. 

I was extremely lucky with the group I was put in for the group assignment, we were all likeminded and dedicated to getting good marks. When I received my Module 3 results it was probably my highlight of the course as it covered a lot of new things that I hadn’t seen before around project management which in turn improved my leadership skills and understanding of management decisions made in my workplace. But due to that reason the study required for the fundamentals of engineering (module 3) was also probably biggest challenge.


I found all the instructors very informative but none of them stuck out as being better than the others or worse for that matter. But to be honest I found that I benefited mostly when I was learning things by myself with the readings, my laptop and assignments and then being able to refer to my work experience to put the theoretical knowledge in a practical context. 


EIT in the workplace

Due to the EIT course I am now more well rounded in my technical ability. I feel with the course and my work experience I have been able to built a great base of knowledge around the electrical industry in which now I hope to add to that with new work challenges. 

My strength in my job is my technical ability and being able to advise others where needed. There have often been times where I’ve being able to advise colleges better because I’ve been able to draw from the knowledge I’ve gained from this course.


This has allowed me to excel in a new role at work where initially I was potentially out of my depth but now feel not only confident in the new role but proud of how I’ve developed. My progress has been due to a combination of the experienced I’ve gained in the role and the completion of the EIT course.


Rhys Morgan – Lead Electrical Engineer Wheatstone Platform

“Mark’s technical ability has developed along a steep learning curve since he took the role of lead electrical technician which has coensided with his electrical engineering studies. His ability to carry out technical tasks and advise his work mates on technical issues is a strength of his, and I have no doubt this has improved due to his commitment to his studies”.


Training and career goals for the next 5 years...

My career goals are very clear; firstly, gain employment as a technical expert with a major global oil and gas company and secondly to develop my technical ability through my on the job experience.

As far as formal training goes my ambition to pursue a bachelor of science is very strong and I’m hoping that I can secure a long term position within the oil and gas industry which is also conducive to my study efforts so I can then enrol.

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is dedicated to ensuring our students receive a world-class education and gain skills they can immediately implement in the workplace upon graduation. Our staff members uphold our ethos of honesty and integrity, and we stand by our word because it is our bond. Our students are also expected to carry this attitude throughout their time at our institute, and into their careers.