Lonwabo Busakwe is an Engineering Institute of Technology graduate. He is working in the Renewable Energy industry, particularly within the wind turbines space with a company named Nordex and Acciona Windpower. He completed his 52726WA - Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (Power Industry) with EIT.

His daily responsibilities include the service and maintenance of the wind turbines, the troubleshooting of electrical and mechanical faults, checking the SCADA systems, and generally working with electrical software tools.

Renewable Energy is a relatively new area of expertise for South Africa. The country’s energy sector is largely made up of coal power plants — which makes up 70 percent of the country’s mix.

Experts are calling for independent renewable energy power producers to flood the energy sector to teach and train South Africans in the way of new clean forms of energy.

Seeing an opportunity, Lonwabo sought out the Engineering Institute of Technology. He wanted to grow his skill set so that he would be prepared for the oncoming energy revolution in the country.

“For me, engineering is one of the career paths I liked most,” he said. As a result, Lonwabo has also begun studying EIT’s 52764WA – Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technology.

“It brings out the best in me. I enjoy solving technical problems and thinking strategically.

“The Renewable Energy Industry is new in South Africa, so it’s very challenging and interesting to me. I am learning a lot of new engineering concepts.”

Lonwabo encourages young South Africans to follow in his footsteps and study a diploma or degree that can help them elevate themselves and help power South Africa. Lonowabo is now considering pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

In the meantime he has acquired a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management. He is currently busy with his master’s degree in project management with only one module outstanding.

“The Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering has changed my life a lot, now I have the confidence within the electrical engineering industry because of the new skill set I have gained from EIT. My career is very promising and it looks so bright with this international qualification which I have obtained.”

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