Hassan Mwanjali is an Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) graduate who acquired his Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering. He is currently working at the Diplomatic Mission at the Embassy of Japan in Tanzania as a Maintenance Engineer.

“I oversee the satisfactory conduct of property services including but not limited to Embassy of Japan general maintenance, power systems, power generators installations, and maintenance, electrical installation works, air conditioning works, water pumps, and plumbing works.”

He found EIT advantageous because he could both retain his position at the Embassy and he could professionally develop his engineering skills.

He is trying to reach his goal of becoming a fully decorated electrical engineer. He reckons that the technological growth of power electronics in the industry is fascinatingly developing.

“The gained knowledge and skills from the Engineering Institute of Technology enhanced my workmanship to a great extent. They added to my practical experience and hence made me execute my duties with more simplicity, more confidence, more accuracy and more expeditiously.”

Hassan utilized his time after hours and on the weekend to study and train through EIT, working through the syllabus, continually being motivated to complete modules and get to the finish line. Next, he would like to pursue his Bachelor of Science of Electrical Engineering through EIT.

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is dedicated to ensuring our students receive a world-class education and gain skills they can immediately implement in the workplace upon graduation. Our staff members uphold our ethos of honesty and integrity, and we stand by our word because it is our bond. Our students are also expected to carry this attitude throughout their time at our institute, and into their careers.