2017 EIT Outstanding Student Award Winner Runner-up

 Course completed: DIA22 Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation

 Date of completion: 25 September 2017

Sales Engineer at Endress+Hauser

We strive to generate outstanding value for our Customers. Endress+Hauser are a number one leader in the Instrumentation, Solutions and Service Industry globally. My Professional background started in 1989 starting my Electrical Apprenticeship for three years continuing with another two years for the Nampak Group. My passion and interests were always in sales, and therefore decided that I needed a change and have since worked as a consultant. Some of my achievements were being Sales Person of the year, and being third place overall within the Endress+Hauser International Group for the sales development progress awarded in Hannover, Germany. 

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Experience at EIT:

The key to success for an online course is accessibility. I found the course very user friendly and had good supportive and informational structures. The scheduling, readings, slides, videos, software downloads and links all were very helpful and everything was explained step by step. It was most of the time easy to access, but the only issues which I can add that made it sometimes difficult and time consuming was Encryptions on my computer and the ADSL line not always being 100% reliable. The course was quite specific. The course content was great and spot on with my day to day work in the Industry.

The Lecturers were very professional; they were friendly and explained everything in detail asking a lot of questions. I especially found Mr Deon Reynders precise in what he did, explaining in detail and making it very easy to understand, also very helpful and direct. Learning remotely for me was great, and I was able to schedule and do things in my own time. It was also great to plan your schedules and learning without any disturbances. To be honest, Paul Celenza, the course co-ordinator was very good. He was very supportive, helpful and very quick to respond to questions, he made us aware of what was happening and when and what to do at all times.

The technology was very interesting and very up to date with the Labs, software downloads, links and videos. Interactions with fellow students were at times a bit challenging, as meetings had to be scheduled with people at different locations and different work times. At the end we did manage and learned a lot about each other, and communicated as most as possible. There were some misunderstandings at times. Some of my highlights were to set goals and try achieving better grades every time. I found working through the reading material slides etc. and attending the online classes with the Labs very interesting and very user friendly. The only challenges were sometimes, finding time through working, putting your social life aside. Also as I mentioned with the encryptions on my computer which did not always make it easy to download software or to open links took sometimes a lot of time to try and correct. The ADSL line also was not working so great at all the times with bad connections, but other than that I enjoyed the course and got through it. I will still be looking for new courses online.


EIT in the workplace:

  • The modules were very interesting, learning from the older technology to the most modern.
  • It covered a wide variety which all can be used in my workplace.
  • All modules were very up to date with all the environmental, safety, new technology what is currently happening in the world today.
  • Everything to better processes, life, economy, safety aspects etc. to look after our world and make it a better place for everyone.
  • To be aware of all the dangers and doing Hazops in the industry.
  • The knowledge I gained will help me a lot in my workplace.
  • It covered a lot and made me more aware when going out to different industries and plants.
  • I can include most of it in my day to day work, the networking, wireless systems, Hazops, safety, projects.
  • The Ethics in the workplace, how and what to look for and do in meetings.
  • How to be a good Leader, attitude etc.
  • As I cover most of the Industries the course definitely help a lot and created great awareness.
  • Will definitely look at some other courses available at EIT.


Training and career goals for the next 5 years...

Short term (one year):

  • To start a business Management or Leadership course.
  • Achieve a higher grade at work for example from a C5 to a D1.
  • Start a Networking/IT Business Driver development plan.


Medium term (2-5 years):

  • To be in a Management position.
  • Completed a Business/Marketing Management Diploma/Certificate


Long Time (5 years+):

  • To be in a Management Position.

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The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is dedicated to ensuring our students receive a world-class education and gain skills they can immediately implement in the workplace upon graduation. Our staff members uphold our ethos of honesty and integrity, and we stand by our word because it is our bond. Our students are also expected to carry this attitude throughout their time at our institute, and into their careers.