David Beeson is a former metallurgical engineer who discovered a passion for process control, despite his initial misgivings when still an undergraduate student; he found it a difficult and confusing subject at university. Now he has a blossoming career in the field and ensures he stays abreast of changes in the industry by pursuing professional development.

In fact David has recently graduated from the Engineering Institute of Technology, with a Master of Engineering in Industrial Automation - big-time professional development!

David programming a PLC out in the field - a nice change from the office or a freezing cold server room

He provides a brief insight into the work he does:

"I am currently working as a process control engineer at a small but capable company that provides process control solution design, installation and commissioning services to the mineral processing industry."

David became familiar with furnaces and the molten metal as a metallurgical engineer, but is now more at home in freezing cold server rooms! Regardless, David observes that automation is the rising star across all engineering industries. This was his stimulus to pursue his Masters in Engineering (Industrial Automation), but the prospect of the thesis was daunting. He said:

"The thesis was both a highlight and a challenge. The highlight was having the opportunity to explore and understand what is actually involved in setting up an advanced control strategy, and the challenge was the research process – venturing into the unknown with an uncertain outcome and a lot to do in a short time period."

He went on to comment about an early hurdle during the degree: 

"Another challenge was one of the first subjects – Power Engineering.  With no electrical background I got lost in the sine and cosine functions a few times, but overall it was a great subject – all about controlling something that you cannot see."

Now that David is a graduate, he is reflecting on the skills that he learned throughout his studies. He recently guided an electrician through the fault finding process when connecting cables between a drive and a PLC; he was very pleasantly surprised with how much he knew and how much he could help. He explains that he has gained amazing awareness of the technologies and processes of the automation world and now is more confidently working in the industry.

He also surprises himself. As time goes on, he stumbles onto challenges that he finds himself capable of solving, thanks to the practical skill building the master’s qualification equipped him with.


EIT + family = happiness

Doing his Masters of Industrial Automation also helped David become a ‘cooler dad’! He fondly reflects:

"More recently my daughter was doing binary as part of her digital technology subject in year 7. She started talking about ASCII and I thought, ‘I actually know what that is’, and was able to answer her many questions on the subject."

David is a husband and a father to two, and outside of work he loves stand-up paddle-boarding, woodwork and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Congratulations to David – not only has he graduated from a challenging master’s degree, but was nominated a runner up for the 2018 Graduate of the Year.  

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