EIT Stock ImageQuintus Potgieter is a South African writer, radio presenter, YouTube content creator and podcaster.

Nominated for multiple MTN Radio Awards for content production, night time and day time radio, he now lends himself to EngineeringCareer.org with a keen interest in robotics, automobiles, tech companies and any news that affects the engineering industry.

Through personal brand management he has mastered social media and now operates multiple pages growing followership and engaging in communication with a global community.

Addicted to the news and coffee, Quintus writes about what is currently affecting the world of today and tries to look for the solutions while on a constant high of caffeine. With his spare time he reads the novels of Isaac Asimov and Stephen King and listens to Biffy Clyro and Eminem, whilst trying to fit as many TV shows into a day as possible.

Proficient in audio editing, video editing and writing, Quintus tells engaging stories through multiple mediums.



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