Larry Browning

Larry’s exposure to data communications began 15 years ago whilst he was taken under the wings of an experienced naval radio communications engineer; Rob DeVaack – whom ran the Perth branch of RF Industries Australia. Whilst absorbing what he could about the inner workings of radio antennas and modems... something would pique his interest; that at the time was barely in the colloquial vernacular. That something was the World Wide Web.
The web would have to wait however as Larry still needed to feed himself and his family! Approximately 5 years later Larry would cross paths with Boston Technology – the sister company to IDC Technologies. They needed some new blood to promote their line of industrial data communications hardware, industrial PCs, and Ethernet products. Over the next 7 years Larry would become IDC’s IT manager, consultant for course practicals and kits, and continued to keep things ticking over with Boston Technology. The websites for both companies would end up being maintained by Larry – first out of an interest to tinker, but eventually out of necessity. Thus Larry took himself to university and decided that a career in web design was ultimately his long term passion.
Along his academic journey Larry also trained himself to use Linux operating systems. This led him to developing a 2-day course on the subject and then presented it throughout Australia to excellent reviews.
Early in 2007 Larry met with a very ambitious entrepreneur – Brian Gillett. Sitting around Larry’s coffee table – they meted out designs to build an online business directory to rival that of Sensis’ Yellow Pages. Larry developed; singlehandedly for the first 2 years – http://bloo.com.au. Larry lives in Perth, Western Australia and balances consulting and training for IDC & EIT with his primary role as Information Systems manager at bloo.

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