on November 9th, 2023

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) held its Graduation Ceremony at the State Reception Centre, Frasers – Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia on Thursday, 2 November 2023. In case you missed it, we bring you up to speed on some highlights from the auspicious annual event. 

EIT’s Victorious Champions  

The EIT Graduation Ceremony was a night of celebration, inspiration, and pride. This year’s event revolved around the theme “Making an Impact with Engineering,” which perfectly reflected the dedication and accomplishments of the graduates. 

And what more fitting location to celebrate the accomplishments of these aspiring engineers than the Kings Park State Reception Centre, a place that mirrors the elegance and grandeur of their achievements?  

With a total of 165 attendees, the ceremony had 63 proud graduates, three of whom flew in from South Africa and one from New Zealand, and 175 online graduates. The event was skillfully orchestrated by Engineers Australia’s very own Student and Graduate Engagement Manager Kym Spann, who served as the Master of Ceremonies.  

The evening was filled with a mix of in-person and online experiences, ensuring that the accomplishments of these future engineers were shared with a global audience. 

EIT graduation
EIT’s graduation offered graduates a memorable experience.

Graduation Program Overview 

The EIT Graduation Ceremony unfolded with precision and grace, each moment meticulously scheduled to provide attendees with a truly memorable experience. 

At 5:00 pm, the event commenced with the registration opening, extending a warm welcome to all attendees. Welcome drinks and canapés were offered, creating an atmosphere of conviviality and anticipation. 

A solemn moment of cultural significance marked the transition at 5:30 pm. A smoking ceremony and a heartfelt “Welcome to Country” on the lawn paid homage to the Aboriginal culture and heritage, underscoring the importance of respecting and acknowledging Australia’s indigenous heritage. 

As the clock struck 5:50pm, attendees were invited to take their seats. Simultaneously, the live streaming for online participants commenced, seamlessly connecting a diverse global audience to the heart of the celebration, transcending geographical boundaries. 

The formal proceedings began with an uplifting welcome by the charismatic Master of Ceremonies, Kym Spann, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of celebration. 

At 6:10pm, Dr. Gail Dennett, the Head of EIT’s Academic Board, took the stage. In which she delivered an insightful talk on the significance of the day and the remarkable journey that engineering entails. 

EIT’s Dean of Engineering, Dr. Steve Mackay enriched the audience with profound insights into the present and future of the engineering field. 

At 6:30pm, the spotlight shifted to the stars of the evening – the graduates.  

Their presentations, brimming with commitment, hard work, and passion for engineering, spoke volumes. Each graduate’s moment on stage was an embodiment of determination and perseverance. 

The clock showed 7:20pm, and the event’s high point arrived with the presentation of Special Awards. These accolades recognized individuals who had made a remarkable impact: 

  • The Dean’s Community Impact Award was bestowed upon Muhammad Kamran Gul, celebrating his significant contributions to the community. 
  • Jeremiah Luke Lowe received the Environmental Impact Award, acknowledging his dedication to creating a more sustainable world through engineering. 
  • Talitha Collins was the recipient of the Resilience in Action Award, celebrating her strength and determination in overcoming challenges on her academic journey. 
  • Hendrik van Heerden was honored with the Academic Excellence Award, recognizing his outstanding performance in the academic realm. 

The Teaching Excellence Awards celebrated the dedication and outstanding teaching by the educators, acknowledging their role in shaping the future of engineering. 

Among the esteemed honorees were Higher Education – Dr. Hadi Harb and Vocational Education Training – Mr. Deepak Pais, who exemplify excellence in their educational contributions. 

Read more on the Teaching Excellence Awards here.

The ceremony came to a close, prompting graduates and attendees to gather for group and school photos, capturing lasting memories of this significant day. After this, the celebration continued with drinks and food on the lawn, providing an opportunity for graduates and attendees to mingle, network, and revel in their shared achievements. 

The EIT Graduation Ceremony was a testament to the hard work, resilience, and dedication of the graduates and educators, emphasizing the impact that engineering can have on the world. It was a night of inspiration, recognition, and pride, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of these future engineers. 

EIT is remarkably proud of all its students and wishes them the very best in their future endeavors.  

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