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Vibration Training

Vibration, very simply put, is the motion of a machine or its part back and forth from its position of rest.

The most classical example is that of a body with mass M to which a spring with a stiffness k. Until a force is applied to the mass M and causes it to move, there is no vibration.

Refer to the figure below. When a force is applied to the mass, the mass moves to the left, compressing the spring. When the mass is released, it moves back to its neutral position and then travels further right until the spring tension stops the mass. The mass then turns around and begins to travel leftwards again. It again crosses the neutral position and reaches the left limit. This motion can theoretically continue endlessly if there is no damping in the system and no external effects (such as friction).

This motion is called vibration.

Top Considerations for Mechanical Professionals

Although mechanical engineers think that the automation and electrical engineers can often compensate for problems in the mechanical areas (which they can do); this can be challenging and obviously isn’t the best approach. A “clean” mechanical design means a strong, rigid frame so that there is stability no matter what motion the machine goes through. Rigid bearings and support should be utilized where motors are mounted on machines. This avoids the inevitable result of shafts being sheared. Other issues are avoiding unnecessary vibration / motors placed in best position so that electric cables aren’t in awkward places waiting for operators to trip over them / machine guarding placed appropriately / heat from motors and electronics is dealt with appropriately and vibration is minimized. And naturally - components can be easily (and safely) accessed for maintenance.

Students in the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) School of Mechanical Engineering can study online the theory behind minimizing vibration such as lubrication engineering and machine safety.

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