Useful Engineering Professional Resources and Software

Below is a selection of over 400 useful software, tools and resources available free or on a trial basis. They have been selected simply on the basis of providing useful, easily accessible technical information and tools.

Please ensure you read the fine print at the website for the software, so you are aware of what you are accessing, especially on the free versions.       

  • #Calculation Component 2. 1.1 98       
    #Calculation Component is a versatile powerful calculation tool which integrates expression parsing and evaluation into your applications through an ActiveX component. The real power of #Calculation Component is seen in areas where the user is required to define a formula of his own which would then be used in calculation, and in areas where more than one formula are required to be defined and executed in real time.
  • 2D Stress Anaylzer       
    A FEM (Finite Element Maintenance) freeware to do the stress analysis of 2D objects.
  • 2D Viewer Editor: DWG DXF PLT TIFF CGM 8.0       
    ABViewer offers you a wide choice of professional viewing and editing tools. Support of more than 30 both raster and vector formats is provided, including AutoCAD DWG, DXF, DWF, Hewlett-Packard HPGL, PLT, HGL, CGM, SVG, STP, STEP, IGES, STL, TIFF, BMP, JPG, GIF etc
  • 2DBench       
    2DBench is the open cut blast design module of JKSimBlast. It allows the user to layout a blast design consisting of blast holes, decks, downhole and surface delays and connections, and then to run a detonation simulation. The design can be further described by strings and polygons. Basic analyses of volume, tonnage, powder factor, component and total costs can be calculated for the design.
  • 3D free-form design tools       
    Generate design ideas in almost any form imaginable with AutoCAD design features. Push/pull faces, edges and vertexes to model complex shapes and add smooth surfaces. Solid, mesh and surface modelling give you flexibility and control when designing in 3D. The navigation bar includes frequently used tools such as steering wheels, view cube and show motion, as well as pan, zoom and orbit.
  • 3D Nature       
    The source code to 3D Nature's Visual Nature Studio 3 for Windows, as well as other legacy source code and a variety of utilities is now available on GitHub. We will continue to release additional pieces of source as AlphaPixel Acquires Assets of 3D Nature.
  • 3D Stress Analyzer       
    A simple and easy-to-use FEM (Finite Element Maintenance) in which you can specify the dimensions (width, breadth, and height) of the boundary of the object to be analyzed.
  • 3D Virtual Box 1.0       
    Keep your distribution completely digital and also save on expensive graphics programs to generate a "real" presentation of your products.
  • 3DAnywhere       
    3DAnywhere enables you to easily create user-customizable, 3D objects for your Web site. 3DAnywhere allows for unrestricted control by the user, unlimited viewing possibilities, and unmatched platform support. The user can move, rotate, and zoom in on any object or group of objects in the current scene, and even modify the color or texture of an object. You can, for example, turn a static catalog of images into an animated catalog of 3D objects.
  • 3DEC™       
    3DEC is a numerical modeling code for advanced geotechnical analysis of soil, rock, and structural support in three dimensions. 3DEC simulates the response of discontinuous media (such as jointed rock) that is subject to either static or dynamic loading.
  • 3ds Max       
    3ds Max software provides a comprehensive 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing solution for games, film, and motion graphics artists. 3ds Max has tools for crowd generation, particle animation, and perspective matching, as well as support for DirectX 11 shaders.
  • 3f Software Planner 2005 3.3.0       
    This is a Web-based enterprise management system with time clock and attendance, issue management, templates and project management tools.The system is modular, you can, aside from the base module, choose any of the following optional modules: Gantt diagram and planning, approval management and test management. Each module can be added independently of any other.
  • 5Spice       
    5Spice includes a user expandable library of Spice/Pspice models, save any number of analysis results, integrated graphing of simulation results, student level MOSFET IC design etc. The focus is emphasized on analog circuit analysis and design at component level.
  • A Simple Diary       
    There is also has a to-do list and personal message alarm. You specify the number of times it sounds. A clean-up function can delete all entries before the current date.
  • A9CAD 2.2.1       
    This 2-dimensional CAD program supports industry standard DWG and DXF drawing formats. With A9CAD you can draw basic shapes, change entity attributes via properties window, manage drawing styles and settings, and configure drawing environments.
  • ABC012.exe       
    There are multiple types of system problems has the capability to result in ABC012.exe error: Damaged, missing or incompatible version of ABC012.exe process. Hardware malfunction. Spyware attacks. Undesirable modification on associated programs. Missing or damaged driver. Out- of- date driver or driver update failure
  • Abe_PSF2       
    Abe_PSF2 shows how the wavefront shape and the transmission function of an optical system will affect its image blur or point spread function (PSF). Image degradation from wavefront effects such as third-order aberrations (coma, spherical, astigmatism) and defocus, Zernike polynomial coefficients, discontinuous phase errors (waffle, checkerboard, or random), and/or a subaperture phase plate are simulated. Blur growth from transmission losses due to obscurations from secondary mirror struts or a central obscuration are modeled, as well as apodization effects or speckle. The pupil can be round, hexagonal, or rectangular, and system wavelength and f/number are user-selectable. The graphical user interface is intuitive and straightforward. Abe_PSF2 is ideal for high school or college teachers and students interested in science, optics, or astronomy.
  • ACE Converter       
    Utility to convert two dimensional DXF files to g-code.
  • Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.29       
    It offers a wizard or you can design them yourself. It includes built-in artwork for holidays, events and generic labels. You can import your own images and automatically import song information from your MP3 playlist files. You can layout text in multiple ways. It can import playlists from iTunes XML or TXT files. Recently added features include data CD support, including a quick summary and content display method. Version 3 features allow you to print directly on a CD or use your LightScribe direct labeling drive.
  • Active Desktop Calendar 7.55       
    You can organize data in color coded layers and share them in a local network. The program integrates with Outlook to show its appointments/tasks on the desktop and offers connection with Google calendars and web based ICS files. There are preset calendars with holidays for different countries. You can choose calendar icons, fonts, colors and type: one, two or three months on the desktop.
  • Advanced Simulation Library       
    It enables users to write customized numerical solvers in C++ and deploy them on a variety of massively parallel architectures, ranging from inexpensive FPGAs, DSPs and GPUs[1] up to heterogeneous clusters and supercomputers. Its internal computational engine is written in OpenCL and utilizes variety of advanced numerical methods.
  • Agros2D       
    Multiplatform open source application for the solution of physical problems based on the Hermes library.
  • Alex McEachern's Power Quality Teaching        
    The Power Quality Teaching Toy – a FREE hands-on program that helps explain power flow, sags, dips, phase rotation, harmonics, flicker and more. A great tool for teachers, students, and industry professionals. Single-phase distortion, Power triangles, vector-based phase shift during voltage sags, waveforms with phase-sequence vectors, additional translations, and more.
  • All-In-One Calculator 6.0       
    This calculator provides useful tools for scientific calculations, programming, unit conversion and Euro conversion. In addition to handling many scientific functions, it can also display the output in binary, octal or hexadecimal format. You can use either the numbers pad or the mouse.
  • AMES Market Package       
    AMES Wholesale Power Market Test Bed is being developed as a "simple but not too simple" computational laboratory for the systematic experimental study of wholesale power markets restructured in accordance with FERC's market design. AMES is an acronym for Agent-based Modeling of Electricity Systems.
  • Arduino       
    Arduino is a cross-platform IDE that works in conjunction with an Arduino controller in order to write, compile and upload code to the board. The software provides support for a wide array of Arduino boards, including Arduino Uno, Nano, Mega, Esplora, Ethernet, Fio, Pro or Pro Mini, as well as LilyPad Arduino. The universal languages for Arduino are C and C++, thus the software is fit for professionals who are familiar with these two.
  • ArtPlus ePix wallpaper calendar 6       
    In addition to using your own images as Windows wallpaper, the new ArtPlus ePix wallpaper calendar changer delivers a stunning, high-resolution image to your desktop every Monday. The program also has a built-in personal diary and a simple calendar planner that you can view on your desktop or print wall calendars for your office and family.
  • ASCEND       
    ASCEND includes nonlinear algebraic solvers, differential/algebraic equation solvers, nonlinear optimization and modelling of multi-region 'conditional models'. Its matrix operations are supported by an efficient sparse matrix solver called mtx.
  • Assembler and 8086 Microprocessor Emulator 4.00-Beta-14       
    Emulate real hardware including the CPU, the screen, RAM and input-output devices. Instructions can be executed backward and forward. Assembly source code examples are included. The emulator teaches the basics of assembly language programming, hardware architecture and reverse engineering. It is even possible to create a miniature operating system.
  • ATP-EMTP       
    The Alternative Transients Program (ATP) is a free (closed source) program for the digital simulation of electromagnetic (and electromechanical) transient phenomena. ATP-EMTP was first developed in 1984.
  • AutoCAD       
    Design and shape the world around you with the powerful, connected design tools in AutoCAD software. Create stunning 3D designs, speed documentation, and connect with the cloud to collaborate on designs and access them from your mobile device.
  • AutoCAD P&ID       
    P&ID software for faster drawing and reporting. AutoCAD® P&ID software helps designers and engineers quickly create and edit P&IDs with familiar AutoCAD in-context editing tools. Report, edit, share, and validate piping and instrumentation design information quickly and easily with AutoCAD-based editing tools.
  • AutoCAD® software       
    Create stunning designs and speed up documentation work with productivity tools in AutoCAD® software. Share your work with TrustedDWG™ technology. Work across integrated desktop, cloud and mobile solutions. Get AutoCAD for Windows or AutoCAD for Mac
  • Autodesk Fusion       
    Autodesk Fusion is an entry level Computed Aided Design (CAD) program with lots of cloud-based features and a very reasonable pricing structure.
  • AWK-3131 Series       
    The AWK-3131 3-in-1 industrial wireless AP/bridge/client meets the growing need for faster data transmission speeds by supporting IEEE 802.11n technology with a net data rate of up to 300 Mbps. The AWK-3131 is compliant with the industrial standards and approvals, covering operating temperature, power input voltage, surge, ESD and vibration. The two redundant DC power inputs increase the reliability of the power supply, and the AWK-3131 can be powered via PoE to make deployment easier. The AWK-3131 can operate on either the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands and is backwards-compatible with existing 802.11a/b/g deployments to future-proof your wireless investments.
  • Base Converter       
    Base Converter is a simple application which converts numbers between three different bases - Hexadecimal, Decimal and Binary. Values upto 64 bits can be converted. Just type the value into the appropriate field, and the corresponding values will be displayed in the other supported bases.
  • Beam Analyzer       
    The Beam Analyzer is a "less is more" type of free engineering program that allows you to model beams for various kinds of loadings and then obtain the deflections and reactions at supports, using finite element method. The small Java-based application runs within your Web browser, providing a basic beam diagram with inputs for length, width, nodes, loadings, and constraints. Although the instructions are minimal, the program wakes up with a sample beam model that makes the product understandable (with a bit of experimentation). A simple Show Results function pops up a frame with the deflections and reactions for the nodes specified. Units are not indicated, so the user must keep track and stay consistent. A full version, which adds the ability to save the beam models and print the stress distribution diagrams, is also available.
  • Beam Boy Analysis Tool       
    BeamBoy is a utility for calculating engineering stress and deflection in structural beams and shafts. BeamBoy features include: English or metric units, Linear distributed loads, Selection of beam cross-section from standard sizes, Assisted calculation of moment of inertia
  • BRL CAD       
    The U.S army has released a CAD system to open source, which is now being enhanced by the open source community.
  • C Styled Script       
    Scripting language with C syntax and comprehensive libraries: system, files, math, strings, SQL db access, regular expressions, async communications, windows control, and so on. APIs for most popular C, C++ compilers included to write libraries or embed CSS into your own applications.
  • CADdy++/SEE Electrical       
    CADdy++/SEE Electrical is an application to help design electrical installations
  • CadKulator for CADKEY       
    CadKulator is fully functional scientific RPN calculator capable of performing trigonometric, logarithmic, radical,exponential calculations and more. It can also perform units conversions and angle conversions. It has an install and uninstall file and the best of all, it's free. CadKulator is a CADKEY ADDON application.
  • CadStd Lite       
    CadStd is a general purpose, easy to learn CAD/drafting program for creating professional quality mechanical designs, house plans, blueprints, schematics and charts utilizing ANSI drawing standards.
  • Calc 3D       
    Calc 3D is a program to calculate 3D vectors, matrices, and complex numbers. For objects like point, line, plane, and sphere distances, intersections, volumes, areas of squares, and areas of a triangles can be calculated...
  • Calc 98       
    Calc98 is a calculator designed for scientific and engineering users. It includes scientific, statistics, financial, array and matrix, and time functions. It also includes a wide range of unit conversions, and a stopwatch. Calc98 is compact in terms of screen space, so you can keep it maximized while working within another application, and use the "always on top" option. You can also customize the appearance of Calc98 by resizing the buttons and their fonts, rearranging the keypads, etc. Other features include RPN option, the ability to save calculation data, ASCII conversion, keyboard shortcuts, and more.
  • Calculait v1.5       
    Calculait v1.5 is a multifunction calculator with full scientific, financial, statistics, and unit conversion functions. It's also a world clock. Although especially made for the nonprofessional, it has a slew of powerful functions to satisfy the more demanding user. It can calculate, for example, hyperbolic trigonometric functions, convert all manner of measures, and even tell the time in any major city on the planet. It features a scientific calculator, statistics calculator, financial calculator, equivalents converter, random number generator, animated message board, and a world clock.
  • CalculiX       
    It is an Open Source FEA project. The solver uses a partially compatible ABAQUS file format. The pre/post-processor generates input data for many FEA and CFD applications.
  • Calendar Visual Designer 1.0       
    Create calendars including partially transparent images and gradient color filling.You can add custom items.
  • Calenz 1.3       
    Calenz is a personal calendar to record and remind you of events happening today and tomorrow. It also keeps weekly, monthly and yearly reminders. The main feature is the ability to change skins and visuals.
  • Caller       
    Caller is a 32-bit console application that assists in the reverse engineering of FORTRAN programs. Caller generates call trees and variable lists. The output is in either text or HTML for easy, linked navigation. Caller can optionally annotate the call tree with comment information from the original source file.
  • CamBam       
    CamBam is an application to create CAM files (gcode) from CAD source files or its own internal geometry editor. CamBam has many users worldwide, from CNC hobbyists to professional machinists and engineers.
  • CaptureWizPro Screen Capture 6.0       
    Innovative features make it fast and easy. You'll love our pop-out capture bar, speedy predictive capture tool, reliable scroll capture, and flexible full-screen preview. Simple tools, visible over any background, guide you through the three quick steps. Time-saving innovations include sticky notes, a thumbnail viewer, a precision frame tool, and programmable hot keys.
  • CaptureXT Screen Capture 3.0       
    Belltech CaptureXT Screen Capture is a professional quality screenshot taker and professional presentation software for Windows.
  • CEMHYD3D       
    Version 1.0 of CEMHYD3D included three computer programs (statsimp.c, corrcalc.c, and corrxy2r.c) for analyzing a segmented image of a two-dimensional cement (powder) microstructure to obtain the necessary correlation files for the two-dimensional to three-dimensional conversion of cement particles to be described subsequently.
  • C-GEO       
    C-Geo for Windows is a computer application which enables importation of survey data from geodetic instruments (electronic tacheometers, code levels, field recorders, GPS receivers). The application performs functions of CAD programs ( editing of vector maps and raster maps). It also contains GIS systems functionality (databases associated with map objects). C-Geo is designed for surveyors, designers and engineers in other specializations.
  • Chaos Manager 2       
    This is a compact organizer that features an appointment/to-do manager, a calendar, contacts, a notebook that supports multiple topics, sync via Internet, e-mail forwarding of appointments, and print/import/export.
  • Chemical Predictor v3.0       
    Chemical Predictor calculates whether one of nearly 282,000 oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions can occur. It uses 531 different half reactions that can be put together to form full reactions. You can save, print, and copy the results to the Clipboard. You can also add up to 300 extra reactions.
  • Chemistry Assistant 2.2       
    EniG. Chemistry Assistant is an expression calculator for fast calculation of molecular weight of compounds by simple entry of chemical formula. It replaces the element symbols with their atomic weight. The program translates the texts with chemical element symbols or without them into mathematical expressions and calculates them.
  • ChemTools Le       
    This is an abbreviated version of ChemTools, a suite of Chemistry tools. It consists of a good periodic table of the elements in which you can get fundamental information, including 904 isotopes with their abundance and spin, and RX properties (emission/absorption energy, and fluorescence yield).
  • CinciTV 3.5       
    With this program you can create a local station database on your system, allowing the you to modify all the stations as you desire. All the stations we have are free to watch with no restrictions. The user can create their own Favorite list, or add Genre for music stations. The program features PIP (Picture-In-Picture).
  • Circuit Simulator 1.5j        
    I have not used this tool or even attempted a try. I add this as a suggestion from a user in our forum. I think this is just basic tool with very basic functions, created for starter purpose. Use at your own risk.
  • CircuitLogix       
    CircuitLogix enables you to perform analog, digital and mixed mode circuit analysis and simulation.  This SPICE simulation software provides 4000 devices on its student version which is 1/3 of the pro version. This circuit building software give access to switches, linear IC and digital IC, FET, Transistors, relays, displays, signal generators, SCR’s, opto isolators, photo diodes, semiconductors, motors etc.
  • CitectSCADA       
    CitectSCADA is an industrial control system that enables you to monitor a process. This process can be industrial, infrastructure or facility-based. It enables you to increase the return on your assets by delivering a highly scalable, reliable control and monitoring system. Its primary function is to collect information (data) and provide an interface to control specific equipment.
  • Climate Consultant 3 to 5       
    Displays and manipulates data to do with heating and cooling, sun and shade etc., with respect to climate and seasons, monthly and yearly cycles. Intended for architects designing heat-efficient buildings.
  • CO       
    Calculates heating systems, radiators, convectors and floor heating
  • CoCreate Modeling PE       
    CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition (PE) is 3D CAD software.
  • Code Aster       
    Code Aster is an Open Source software package for Civil and Structural Engineering finite element analysis and numeric simulation in structural mechanics which is written in Python and Fortran.
  • Code::Blocks       
    Code::Blocks is a free C, C++ and Fortran IDE built to meet the most demanding needs of its users. It is designed to be very extensible and fully configurable. Finally, an IDE with all the features you need, having a consistent look, feel and operation across platforms. Built around a plugin framework, Code::Blocks can be extended with plugins. Any kind of functionality can be added by installing/coding a plugin. For instance, compiling and debugging functionality is already provided by plugins!
  • CODESYS®       
    The Codesys® software for the CPX-CEC range of controllers allows standardised programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3. Optimised for the configuration, programming, commissioning and maintenance of pneumatic and electrical automation solutions.
  • Compliance Maintenance Annual Report       
    The Compliance Maintenance Annual Report is a DOS etext that enables city administrators and involved citizens to evaluate compliance with waste treatment regulations. It also serves as an aid to early identification of municipal problems. There is a self-test to check your knowledge of regulatory issues, but most of the info is basic. The interface is also inconsistent, using spacebar, Enter key, and Page Up/Down keys at various times to move through the text. The display varies randomly between full screen and window.
  • Compu-Blast v8.X       
    The Compu-Blast™ V9 software aids in the layout of blast patterns and the calculation of timing.  A sample features list includes layout designs with thousands of holes and a variable number of decks per hole. Each hole can have a different diameter, depth and number of decks.
  • Concepts       
    Concepts is an Open Source software package C/C++ hp-FEM/DGFEM/BEM library for elliptic equations.
  • Concrete Optimization Software Tool (COST)       
    COST is a system for optimizing concrete mixture proportions based on response surface methodology experimental design principles and statistical analysis. It provides the user with a matrix of concrete mixture proportions to prepare and test and then performs a statistical-based graphical analysis of the results to determine the optimum mixture proportions based on the user's performance criteria.
  • Condenser Design 1.2.0       
    This free tool is the demo/trial version of the main computer-aided design tool from the developer company. It will let you get familiar with thermal design calculations of Shell & Tube condensers. This utility can help you with designing of horizontal condensers, and vertical condensers. This trial version will demonstrate thermal analysis and design calculations required for designing shell and tube condensers.
  • Context-sensitive PressPull tool       
    Extrude and offset curves, creating surfaces and solids. Use the Multiple option to select multiple objects within a single PressPull operation. You're no longer limited to clicking inside a bounded area: Now you can select 2D and 3D curves for a quick and easy PressPull operation.
  • Control Microsystems E-Series Configurator       
    E-Series Configurator is a Windows® based software configuration tool for use with Control Microsystems SCADAPack E-Series RTU's. E-Series Configurator uses standard Windows features and styles such as tool bars, menus and property pages. The E-Series Configurator uses the DNP3 protocol to communicate with E-Series RTU's.
  • Conversions       
    This program converts measure units that are commonly used in Europe end U.S.A. There are six categories which the application calculates with: Temperature, Length, Area, Weight, Volume and Pressure. It also contains standard MS calculator.
  • Convert and Calculate       
    Convert and Calculate converts between many types of common measurements and calculates download time based on the speed of the download and can calculate the final price after tax is added. The Conversions it can do are growing all the time, it now includes conversions of distance, time, area, degree (temperature), weight, and computer memory size (KB, MB, GB, bits, Bytes).
  • Convert, v1.2       
    The program includes metric, American, British, old Russian systems of measurements. The following categories are supported: weight, length, area, volume, force, pressure, energy, capacity, speed, acceleration, brightness, angular measure, time, dose, temperature.
  • C-Organizer Pro 5.1       
    It is a fully featured solution providing an easy-to-use organizer complete with a planner, events calendar, contacts list, password manager and notes. The software includes everything that you need in order to plan your day effectively, remind you of important appointments and events and, most of all, maximize your productivity. The built in planner and calendar, coupled with an advanced notification system, makes this work in an extremely effective way. Never again do you have to worry about forgetting an important birthday or a business meeting.
  • Co-Solve-it!       
    Co-Solve-it! is a menu-driven DOS freeware program to calculate resin/solvent interaction, solvent properties, evaporation, flashpoint, and other blended properties. It can be used to estimate physical properties of solvents and resins mixtures, as well as coatings, inks, adhesives, cleaners, and others. Co-Solve-it! uses a modular approach. You access the various features and functions through the appropriate program module. Each module handles the specific calculations and graphing requirements of a separate problem. Simply select from the main menu and step through the procedures necessary to find the required data. The solvent database contains more than 1100 solvents, and the resin database contains more than 480 resins and pigments.
  • Crack Excel Password 5.5       
    If you lost excel sheet password & you want to crack excel password hereby excel password cracker software is very magnificent key for all excel users can smartly tackle all issues from excel sheet and become usable excel sheet without facing any difficulty.
  • CreaToon       
    A fairly simple application which lets you morph and tween between animation frames.
  • Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express       
    A free CAD application, formerly called "CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition". CoCreate was spun off from HP's Mechanical Design Devision in 2000, then bought by PTC in 2007.
  • Creo/Elements Direct       
    Easy to use and free 3D CAD modeler. It does not use history based modeling, instead click directly anywhere on the model to add or adjust features. It is a lighter version of their commercial product so assemblies are limited to 60 parts.
  • Customisation and support file sync       
    Easily share your AutoCAD customisation preferences and support files and access them on multiple machines. Control the type of information you want to sync, including option settings, customisation files, printer support files, custom hatch patterns, tool palettes and drawing template files. Sync custom fonts, shapes and linetypes; they'll become available the next time you start AutoCAD.
  • CV Size       
    This software is used to determine the valve size, the valve noise and the cavitation characteristics. The object of the program is to determine the valve size, the cavitation, flashing and noise problems and prepare a data sheet suitable for bid purposes.
  • Danfoss CO       
    Danfoss CO software is describes the heating and piping calc in detail.
  • DCOPFJ package       
    Java solver for bid/offer-based DC optimal power flow (DC-OPF) problems suitable for research, teaching, and training applications. The DCOPFJ package consists of two linked parts: an internal solver QuadProgJ for strictly convex quadratic programming problems, and an outer shell that automates input data preprocessing and output data display.
  • deal.II       
    Comprehensive set of tools for finite element codes, scaling from laptops to clusters with 10,000+ cores. Written in C++.
  • Debrief Notes 2.3       
    It is quick and responsive, performing as an all-day working tool. Notes, folders, and calendars are handled intuitively for organizing your work. It emulates spiral notebooks, file folders, work in progress, reference material, tasks, cases, etc. The note card view lets users rearrange the notes in any order. The calendar view can gather material for status reports and reviews. It can create future notes useful for planning. Note threads are produced for action items. End notes can be produced for publications. Debrief can handle multiple notebooks to manage work, career, studies, and a personal life. The install and uninstall are easy and well behaved. The Basic Edition is free of charge, with no advertising or nags. Even the Professional Edition is inexpensive. This is a great tool for organizing notes and ideas. And it loves laptops.
  • DelftShip       
    DELFTship is a 3D hullform modeling program allowing design of complex hull and superstructure shapes with built-in hydrostatic calculations.  It can output CAD files and traditional linesplans.
  • DeLogger 5.0       
    DeLogger is included with the DT50/500/600 series 3, DT80 and DT800 range of dataTaker data loggers, providing you with a powerful, yet easy to-use tool for programming and supervising a dataTaker. Use the graphical interface to set-up your system. DeLogger allows you to monitor sensors and alarms while logging data.
  • DesignCAD 3D Max 24       
    This easy-to-use, versatile CAD tool is perfect for novice designers, but powerful enough to create high-quality 2D/3D designs, models and animations. Plus, it takes advantage of your computers modern graphics cards to zoom, pan, and rotate your designs up to 30 times faster! Its everything you need to design anything, from simple hobby projects to professional precision drawings.
  • DesignMATE       
    The tool helps assure end users their fieldbus infrastructure will work with desired parameters such as cable length, number and type of installed devices, and selected power supplies. DesignMATE allows users to perform rapid calculations, eliminate human error, improve efficiency, and minimize the amount of paperwork required during the segment design phase.”
  • DesignSpark Mechanical       
    Free gesture based direct modeling 3D CAD software that is powered by SpaceClaim. There is no limit to the number of assembled components.
  • DesignSpark PCB       
    DesignSpark PCB design application developed by Westdev Ltd (Pulsonix, Number One Systems/Easy-PC).  It is distributed by electronics distributor RS Components (aka. Allied Electronics, Electrocomponents).
  • Desk Buddy Lite 1.2f       
    This collection of tools eliminates the need for all those small utilities cluttering your desktop. It has a diary, notepad, an alarm clock and more.
  • Direct Edit v3.0       
    A utility for editing, reverse-engineering, and hacking the contents of any file. Includes such features as find various data types, edit, and insert various data types. View in four different ways: ASCII, HEX, BINARY, and BITMAP.
  • Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery 1.0.188       
    Disk Drill is a free professional-grade file recovery software, it values the importance of your data by implementing several safe recovery methods and enabling unique Recovery Vault technology that helps keeping your data secure.
  • Distance and Time Calculator 1.3       
    Distance and Time Calculator is an Add-in for Microsoft MapPoint. The tool will let you automate the calculations of driving distances from the set of push pins located on the MapPoint maps. Driving times too then can be derived easily from this distance data.
  • Division Calculator       
    A specialty calculator that takes a particular length in feet, inches & fractional inches, divides it into equal segments, and returns a list of marks.
  • DNP 3.0 Slave       
    The ProLinx DNP 3.0 Slave to Modbus Master/Slave Gateway creates a powerful connection between devices on a Modbus network and a DNP master device. This stand-alone DIN-rail mounted protocol gateway provides one DNP 3.0 Slave configurable serial port, and three Modbus Master or Slave configurable serial ports. The DNP 3.0 Slave protocol driver supports Slave implementations of the protocol on one port. This port is fully configurable. The Modbus protocol driver supports Master and Slave implementations of the protocol. All Modbus serial ports are individually configurable, providing a very powerful and flexible host or device interface solution.
  • DNP Demon Lite       
    DNP Demon Lite is a DNP3 protocol analysis tool that allows the user to make his PC act as a DNP master to one IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) at a time, acting as a slave. This functions over RS232, RS485, fiber serial loops and stars, TCP/IP and UDP/IP. Commands sent and received are fully translated in real time into readable information as well as being displayed in hex format. Auto polling of one command at a time and automatic data link and application layer confirmations are supported.
  • Docs2Manage and Docs2Web Suite 2.5.0       
    Docs2Web allows you to share your documents throughout your organizational network or on the Internet. It connects to the same database making your documents available through a Web site via a standard browser while respecting the user security you set in Docs2Manage.
  • Dome       
    Dome is a Python-based project by Frederico Milano (creator of PSAT). Dome is a command-line application and can currently solve load flows, continuation power flow, time domain simulation including the quasi-static one, small signal stability analysis and optimal power flow.
  • Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design       
    This design software helps you with design calculations related to heat exchanger of double pipe type. The tool provides step by step calculations and supports SI as well as FPS system of units. The interface is simple and intuitive. This tool lets you calculate unknown cold or hot side temperatures; it also will tell you where to locate the hot/cold fluids within the heat exchanger (Inner Pipe or Outer Pipe).
  • dP Pressure Drop Calculator       
    dP Pressure Drop Calculator is a scientific tool for calculating the pressure drops of flowing liquids and gases in pipes. It is a straightforward utility used for doing pressure drop calculations for process plants such as oil processing and beer processing.
  • DraftSight       
    2D CAD that is exactly like AutoCAD but is completely free. Can open AutoCAD native file formats.
  • DRAINS       
    You can download the DRAINS program to update an existing installation or to try out the demo version. The demo version is exactly the same as the full version except that it is limited to a maximum of 5 pipes or channels and 1 irregular channel. You will need a password to update an existing full installation. DRAINS runs under Windows 98 through Windows 10.  There is an install file for black USB UniKeys and a different file for all other dongles.
  • DUNE       
    Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment, written in C++.
  • DWG Gateway       
    DWGgateway is a free AutoCAD download for AutoCAD users who do not want to upgrade to the latest version of AutoCAD, but who wish to continue to exchange DWG files with partners, customers and suppliers that use different versions of the AutoCAD DWG file format.
  • DWG Viewer       
    Free DWG Viewer will open and view AutoCAD DWG, DXF, DWF and secure CSF formats. Drawing files can be viewed easily with full zoom / pan / eyeglass / layering controls. The viewer can save views to JPEG, and it supports accurate snap to point measuring. Our Free DWG Viewer is both a stand-alone desktop application, and an ActiveX control that can be used with Internet Explorer.
  • DWSIM       
    DWSIM is able to simulate steady-state, vapor–liquid, vapor–liquid-liquid, solid–liquid and aqueous electrolyte equilibrium processes with the following Thermodynamic Models and Unit Operations.
  • Dynamics Solver       
    Dynamics Solver solves numerically both initial-value problems and boundary-value problems for continuous and discrete dynamical systems: a single ordinary differential equation of arbitrary order systems of first-order ordinary differential equations a rather large class of functional differential equations and systems discrete dynamical systems in the form iterated maps and recurrences in arbitrary dimensions. It is also able to draw complex mathematical figures, including many fractals.
  • Eagle CAD 5.10       
    Eagle CAD is a Layout Editor for printed circuit boards developed for educational purposes and commercial purposes alike. Students can learn a lot from the program while using it, it is intuitive, the automatic router option is a great addition to the interface, it is easy to use and has a wide range of examples and tutorials to work with. All the OS versions are supported including Windows 7.
  • EasyPower®       
    The EasyPower product suite delivers a full lineup of powerful Windows®-based electrical software tools for intelligently designing, analyzing, and monitoring electrical power systems. With the fastest processing speeds on the market, EasyPower delivers instantaneous, accurate results to help you make more intelligent decisions. EasyPower is the smart, fast and accurate solution for your arc flash hazard analysis software.
  • EasyProject 1.0       
    This project management tool includes reports for project costs, gantt charts and resource utilization tools. This project management tool includes reports for project costs, gantt charts and resource utilization tools.
  • Eco Lumen       
    Eco Lumen is a decision-support tool that focuses on the creation of energy-efficient lighting designs for any facility. Lighting design layouts created by using Eco Lumen are said to have the potential of reducing electricity bills by as much as 30%. Eco Lumen also provides an energy calculator that lets you calculate the total electricity consumption of all your electrical equipment. Room size is limited to a maximum of 26' x 16' x 16', but that should be sufficient for most office or retail space. Graphs show potential energy savings and costs of fixture upgrades; room factors such as basic color types and work-surface heights are evaluated for your lighting fixture choice. Cost values are not in US dollars, but the magnitude of changes should still be sufficient to indicate the value of a lighting design change.
  • eDrawing Viewer       
    Free eDrawings Viewer software to view, print, and review all types of eDrawings files, SolidWorks Viewer and AutoCAD Viewer (DWG and DXF).
  • Elmer       
    Open source multiphysical simulation software developed by Finnish Ministry of Education's CSC, written primarily in Fortran (written in Fortran90, C and C++).
  • Elplek       
    Elplek is a freeware short circuit, protection coordination and load flow calculation application for Windows developed by Ilkka Leikkonen.
  • ENG_H20       
    Engi_H2O is a utility to calculate water/steam properties and is specifically suited for the engineer (or student) who regularly has to determine physical properties (enthalpy, entropy, specific heat, and so on) of water/steam mixtures. Engi_H2O calculates these properties quickly based on a given temperature/pressure/degree of vaporization.
  • Engi_Cal, v1.5       
    Engi_Cal is an attractive calculator that can interpret customized formulas. It's easy to use and offers a high degree of configurability you're sure to appreciate. The basic calculator offers typical functions and memory control and can import/export data using the Windows Clipboard. You can define formulas and add them to a customized formula database for later use. A formula builder, where you can define variables and categorize and name your custom creation, and a formula interpreter are included. This program is free, but registration is required for continued use.
  • Engi_H2O       
    Engi_H2O is a simple tool for engineers or students who need to calculate physical properties of heated/pressurized water. You simply enter temperature and pressure measurements in either metric or British units, then see properties such as specific volume and weight, enthalpy, entropy, or specific heat displayed. This free program is one of a series by the author designed to handle tedious, repetitive engineering calculations. Each product does a specific, limited "low valued added" task.
  • Engi_HEX v1.2       
    Engi_HEX is an engineering tool for heat exchanger design. The program is targeted for professional engineers in the chemical industry and offers nothing in the way of help, sample data, tutorials, or tooltips. You enter data in the fixed forms and the program calculates results. You can graph performance in various configurations with just a click, but you can't edit intervals or formulas. Registration, which is free, brings updates and tech support. This version has not yet been reviewed.
  • Engineering Equation Solver       
    Engineering Equation Solver can solve simultaneous equations, make parametric tables and graphs. It is best used for Engineering Thermodynamic applications because it has built in functions for that purpose.
  • Engineering Unit Converter       
    Get this powerful, easy-to-use unit conversion program. It features more than 400 conversion factors for use in most engineering disciplines. The program allows you to select the conversion type for easy location of conversion factors. It also allows the user to add new conversion factors and conversion types. The selection of significant digits maintains accurate conversions.
  • ESB Unit Conversion Utility       
    User friendly Win32 FREE Utility to easily convert between units of measurement. Includes Units for Temperature, Distance, Mass, Area, Volume, Pressure, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow and Torque.
  • ESBCalc       
    ESBCalc is a freeware scientific calculator with infix notation, brackets, scientific functions, memory, and more. This download also includes the Delphi 4 source. Previous versions added a results history feature, percentage button, Optional Paper Trail feature, and more. This update features improved Large Font Support, minor enhancements, and bug fixes.
  • ESurvey CAD 10.20       
    ESurvey CAD 10.20 helps create contours on maps easily. It will help generate sections for volume generation. Earthwork quantities (quantity takeoff) can be calculated, and point data can be converted into topographic maps.
  • ESurvey Sections 10.20       
    "ESurvey Sections" is a complete Section Creation and Management Solution designed to help engineers, surveyors and designers to create industry standard drawings and to generate instant calculation reports related to Road / Railway lines / Irrigation / Pipeline design / Water Network Project.It is a complete software solution for generating sections, converting point data into drawings and interpolating available data to generate drawings.
  • evDaily 3.0.3       
    A table displays all events for the selected day as well as details about the selected event. You can customize lists for location, type of occasion and status. Daily reports by event, time or location can be printed or sent to MS Word. Information about an event can be sent to Outlook's calendar.
  • Excel Fix 2.5       
    Repair Corrupt Excel file having unlimited spread sheet or data within a moment via SysTools Excel Recovery Tool. SysTools Excel Recovery Tool is an Excel File Repair Software that repair corrupt Excel file without losing any information. MS Excel is mainly used for calculation, creating graph, charts and manage a large number of data.
  • Exchange OLM to PST 1.3        
    Exchange OLM to PST converter software is an easy way to exchange complete database from Outlook 2011 OLM file to PST file format. Freeware Outlook OLM to PST exchanger software provides you efficient conversion method to export and exchange OLM to PST file folder.
  • Express Files 2.0       
    After starting a download, you will see a dialog box that you can use to select a location for your file. Choose a folder where you want to save your download and, once it is done, your download will start in a separate window. It is common for users who use IE or another browser to download, but possibly annoying if you run many downloads at once. Therefore, the program makes it possible to hide all the download windows by a single click in the main tab of "My Downloads", which is located next to the search box at the top of the program. From there, you can manage any of your downloads separately. You can pause, stop, resume or remove a file. You can also double-click to open the folder location of any previously downloaded file. Remember you can also always control your downloads in one place or manage all these functions in each download window separately.
  • EZplot for Excel 1.01       
    EZplot is a plotting and data calculation computer program which enhances Excel. This utility adds to the plotting capabilities of Excel. It gives you additional facilities/ functionalities and you are able to create sophisticated charts/ plots. To make the capabilities logically simple, the tool uses parameter names rather than cell names and manual selection of the data range.
  • Facsimile       
    The Facsimile project is a 3D, discrete-event simulation library that can be used for industrial simulation projects in an engineering and/or manufacturing environment. Facsimile simulations run on the Java Virtual Machine under Linux, Mac OS, BSD, Unix and Microsoft's Windows.
  • FantasyTV Player Professional 2.60       
    View 2500 online TV and radio stations from around the world. There is no need for a PC TV card because the TV channels are streamed through your internet connection.
  • Fast Formulas v2.0       
    Fast Formulas is an interactive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet set up with the major formulas used in several academic fields, including accounting, marketing, and engineering. Each formula is set up in the spreadsheet to enable you to enter values for the variables in the formula and immediately see the results. You can easily copy and paste the formulas into other documents, and use most of the features available in Microsoft Excel. Fast Formulas spreadsheets also lets you easily access your textbook formulas.
  • FEATFLOW       
    Subroutine system for the numerical solution of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in two and three space dimensions.
  • FEATool       
    Easy to Use Matlab and Octave Multiphysics FEM Solver and GUI Toolbox.
  • FEniCS Project       
    Software package developed by American and European researchers with the goal to enable automated solution of differential equations.
  • F-Exchange Script 5       
    Exchanger. This script is a powerful exchange system for Facebook: For example, you have an Facebook Fan Page, but you don't have enough fans, with this system, you can increase your fans page. How you can do that it's very simple, for every “Like” received from you, to another member, you earn coins.
  • Fix Excel Errors 2.6       
    Excel Recovery is the best tool that can remove Excel file corruption with ease. If you want to get back your data, you need to repair. MS Excel is a powerful and widely used tool which helps us to maintain Excel data and make our calculation easier and faster.
  • FLAC       
    FLAC is a two-dimensional explicit finite difference program for engineering mechanics computation. This program simulates the behavior of structures built of soil, rock, or other materials that may undergo plastic flow when their yield limits are reached. Materials are represented by elements, or zones, that form a grid that is adjusted by the user to fit the shape of the object to be modeled.
  • FLAC 8.0 Beta       
    FLAC is engineering software for numerical simulation in two-dimensions. FLAC utilizes explicit finite difference method to model linear and non-linear material behavior.
  • FLAC/Slope™       
    FLAC/Slope uses the graphical interface and the automatic factor-of-safety calculation of FLAC as the core of a new, user-friendly code that models slope stability problems under a wide variety of slope conditions. These include: arbitrary slope geometries, multiple layers, pore pressure conditions, heterogeneous soil properties, surface loading, and structural reinforcement.
  • FLAC3D™       
    FLAC3D is a numerical modeling code for advanced geotechnical analysis of soil, rock, and structural support in three dimensions. FLAC3D is used in analysis, testing, and design by geotechnical, civil, and mining engineers. It is designed to accommodate any kind of geotechnical engineering project where continuum analysis is necessary.
  • FlashFavorite 1.20       
    You can preview each Flash file with the built-in viewer, and optionally rename and save the clip to a user-defined category. FlashFavorite also integrates into the Internet Explorer toolbar, so you can save a currently playing Flash movie.
  • FluidSIM® 5       
    FluidSIM 5 is a comprehensive software for the creation, simulation, instruction and study of electropneumatic, electrohydraulic, digital and electronic circuits.
    All of the programme functions interact smoothly, combining different media forms and sources of knowledge in an easily accessible fashion. FluidSIM unites an intuitive circuit diagram editor with detailed descriptions of all components, component photos, sectional view animations and video sequences. As a result FluidSIM is perfect not only for use in lessons but also for the preparation thereof and as a self-study programme.
  • Foot-Inch-Fraction Calculator
    Foot-Inch-Fraction Calculator adds and subtracts building dimensions in feet,inches and fractions. Useful for architects, engineers, detailers, estimators and builders.
  • FormulaWizz       
    FormulaWizz is a freeware formula computation tool, supported by adware, which includes a Web search option. It covers over 120 formulas in four major categories: electronics, math, mechanics, and physics. A simple fill-in-the-blanks interface is provided, with an info button that shows the formula involved and indicates the expected units. Items range from the area of a circle to Bernoulli's theorems. Only metric units are referenced in the documentation, but a quick link to the Windows calculator is provided, so you can convert values. Saving or printing the results is not supported in the adware-supported version, although you can use Windows copy and paste techniques. Due to the adware support, a live Web connection is required while the product is being initialized; once the advertisements have each been displayed once, the Web connection can be suspended and the product continues to run. An ad-free Pro version that can save and print is available for $16.95.
  • FPWIN Pro 6       
    This software developed according to the international standard IEC 61131-3 (for Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7). This new version is a result of experience gained over many years. We were one of the first PLC manufacturers to offer an IEC 61131-3 programming software, and we are a leading member of the international organisation PLCopen.
  • FractionCalc       
    FractionCalc will perform standard operations on fractions, improper fractions, or mixed numbers. The solutions are returned in either fractional form or decimal. The user can perform a single operation or can enter a series of operations by checking the "Multiple Operations" check box. There is also a decimal-to-fraction and fraction-to-decimal converter. The interface is designed to be in a similar format to the way fractions are taught in school.
  • free2Design       
    Free2Design is a complete, efficient and smart software built around users' needs allowing engineers and drafters to preserve value of 2D legacy data and take advantage of 2D smartness.
  • FreeCAD       
    It's a free open source 2D/3D CAD program that is a work in progress.
  • FreeFem++       
    Software written in C++ for rapid testing and finite element simulations. The problem is defined in terms of its variational formulation.
  • FreeMat       
    In addition to supporting many MATLAB functions and some IDL functionality, it features a codeless interface to external C, C++, and Fortran code, further parallel distributed algorithm development (via MPI), and it has plotting and 3D visualization capabilities.
  • FreeMill       
    FreeMill is a fully functional 3D Milling package with simulation and the ability to output G code.
  • FreePCB        
    FreePCB is a free, open-source PCB editor for Microsoft Windows, released under the GNU General Public License. It was designed to be easy to learn and easy to use, yet capable of professional-quality work. It does not have a built-in autorouter, but it can use the FreeRoute web-based autorouter
  • Frigate Calculator       
    The simple calculator with History and Multiline Display features. It includes many mathematical functions (Sqrt, Sqr, Sin, Cos, Tg, Tan, Ctg, ACos, ASin, Ln, Lg, Exp, ^, Abs, pi), plus brackets support.
  • Front Panel Designer       
    The Front Panel Designer is a design and ordering program provided on CD by Schaeffer AG.
  • Fusion 360™       
    Fusion 360™ is a cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM tool for product development that combines industrial and mechanical design, collaboration, and machining in a single package. Fusion 360 enables fast and easy exploration of design ideas with an integrated concept-to-production platform.
  • Galatea       
    A multi-agent, multi-programming language, simulation platform. Galatea is free software for agent-based simulations developed by the Centre for Simulation and Modelling.
  • Gantt Charts       
    Gantt Chart managing and displaying projects using a wide variety of Gantt and Bar Chart options. The Gantt Chart in WBS Schedule Pro has everything you need to easily create and present even the most complex of projects. The left side of the Gantt Chart allows you to add Tasks, Indent to create Summary Tasks, click and drag to rearrange Tasks and add any Column you need to manage your project's data. The Gantt Bar side of the chart allows you to click and drag to create dependencies between Tasks, drag to modify a Task's Duration and even click and drag to set % Complete.
  • Gantt Designer 1.0       
    Genuine drag-and-move to re-schedule tasks with holidays considered. Drag-and-drop to link tasks, with extensive checks on dependencies. A wide choice of time-bar types and colors and shades. One-click rolled-up task/sub-task management. Easy printing options, spans multiple sheets for large charts by simple mouse clicks. Copy and paste Gantt chart into Office documents.
  • GanttProject       
    GanttProject is a project scheduling application written in Java and featuring gantt chart, resource management, calendaring, import/export (MS Project, HTML, PDF, spreadsheets).
  • Gas Sonic Velocity Calculator 1.0.0       
    Gas Sonic Velocity calculator calculates the sonic velocity of a specified gas flowing in a pipe. The sonic velocity or the speed of sound is affected by the gas in a pipe depending on the physical properties of it. This is mainly the sound velocity of the internal substance in a pipe.
  • GearTrain       
    GearTrain calculates the angular velocity of the final driven gear in a gear chain. The user enters the revolutions per minute and driection of the first driver gear along with information about the number of teeth of each gear in the series. The program will output the RPM and direction of the final driven gear in the gear train. The program can also calculate the linear velocity using a variety fo metric and standard units. It was designed as a tool for educators and students wishing to learn or check calculations for a gear chain in a Technology Education or Robotics program.
  • Gemini 10       
    Gemini 10 is a launcher space simulator for controlling a rocket from launch up to Earth orbit. Full orbital mechanics environment, including atmospheric and gravity effects. The simulator allows you to steer the rocket through the atmosphere to place it in a stable orbit. To achieve this, you need to carefully plan the ascent trajectory. Features boosters jettison, customizable fuel and thrust, Flight Data Computer (FDC), and four scenarios (launch, re-entry, rendez-vous, and intercept). The program may be used as an educational tool for students of physics and aerospace sciences.
  • Geometry       
    Geometry is a calculator which uses many of the formulas found in geometry. The program will calculate surface area and volume of a variety of geometric figures such as prisms, cone, sphere, pyramids, torus and cylinder. The software will perform calculations involving the pythagorean theorem, sine, cosine, tangent, special triangles, regular polygons, circles, arcs, triangles, squares, rectangles, distance, slope, midpoint, Trigonometry, and coordinate geometry. The interface includes drawings of each scenario and the formulas involved in the calculation.
  • GetFEM++       
    A generic finite element library written in C++ with interfaces for Python, Matlab and Scilab. It focuses on modeling of contact mechanics and discontinuities (e.g. cracks).
  • GNU Octave       
    GNU Octave is software featuring a high-level programming language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It provides a command-line interface for solving linear and nonlinear problems numerically, and for performing other numerical experiments using a language that is mostly compatible with MATLAB. It may also be used as a batch-oriented language.
  • GnuCap       
    Developed as a general purpose circuit simulator. Known widely as GNU Circuit analysis package, this linux based circuit simulator performs various circuit analysis functions as dc and transient analysis, ac analysis etc. Developers have incorporated spice compatible model for MOSFET, BJT and Diode.
  • Graphical 00 Software Engineering Environment       
    Graphical 00 Software Engineering Environment is a visual software microcontroller design tool that can generate C code. GOOSEE is an analysis, design, documentation, and implementation tool, in a single diagram. It works with any C compiler.
  • GRIDLAB-D       
    GRIDLAB-D is an agent-based simulator for distribution systems that integrates a range of objects / actors in the energy system, e.g. residential loads, climate / weather, energy storage, distributed generation, demand response, etc. The simulator is held together by a three-phase power flow, which runs at every time step.
  • guConvert v1.0       
    guConvert is a very complete general units conversion program for scientists, engineers, construction workers, and anyone else who needs to convert between units. It can load, create, and edit custom conversion tables, via a spreadsheet-like editor that displays the table as a simple matrix. You can easily add conversions to the 15 categories included or even add entirely new categories. The interface is very efficient, with tabs for each category. Typing any number in the units box on either side of a conversion immediately displays the result on the other side. Values can be quickly copied to or pasted from the Windows Clipboard. A fully indexed help file covers the table editor functions.
  • Half-Life       
    Half-Life: Counter-Strike - This is a team-based MOD, and casts players in the role of terrorist or counter-terrorist. Each team has access to different ammunition and equipment, and each player has unique attributes and the ability to upgrade their gear as they successfully complete each mission. A growing number of missions are available, each having specific goals, such as rescuing a hostage or eliminating key enemy structures.
  • Hamachi Network Interface       
    Hamachi is a hosted VPN service that securely connects devices and networks, extending LAN-like network connectivity to mobile users, distributed teams and business applications.
  • HCSSMODEL Software       
    A package of computer programs for simulating the microstructure of a three-dimensional cubic volume of concrete has been developed. A three-dimensional representation of microstructure is necessary for the computation of percolation and physical properties for comparison to experiment. Concrete nominally consists of air voids and aggregates (rocks and sand) dispersed in cement paste (cement + water + admixtures).
  • Heat Transfer 3.00       
    This application solves Heat Transfer BVP, IVP, IP problems. Source code for formulating the problem as well as output files are supplied. This is a Calculus (level) Programming package so that formulating the problem is in familiar terms of Calculus rather than strange artifacts one uses to solve differential equations
  • Hermes Project       
    Modular C/C++ library for rapid development of space- and space-time adaptive hp-FEM solvers.
  • Hexer       
    Hexer is a handy numeric conversion program. It is a very basic program, which allows you to convert between binary, hexadecimal, octal, and decimal numbers. All four number boxes are shown in the program window. You simply enter the number you have and either hit the Enter key or the Calculate button. The other three numbers are instantly displayed in the appropriate spaces. The new values can then be copied to the Windows Clipboard for use in other applications.
  • Hideman 1.2       
    Hideman is a VPN application for modern users. Connect in one click. No registration. Work on all networks and internet connections. Unlock all websites and block banner networks.
  • Hirschmann BAT Planner       
    Hirschmann BAT Planner is used by 1 users of Software Informer. The most popular version of this product among our users is 2.5. The name of the program executable file is BAT Planner.exe.
  • HotXLS Delphi Excel Component 1.2.0       
    HotXLS Delphi Excel Component v.1.2.0 is a highly efficient library for use with Delphi and C++ builder development platforms. The component has the ability to show a robust performance in normal tasks with XLS files like creating new spreadsheets, viewing and modifying them without any requirement for Ms Office or any other program for this.
  • HTOINT       
    A free and open source 3D multibody simulation software. Rigid and flexible bodies, various connectors in penalty and Lagrange formulation, rotordynamics, IOBlocks to simulate controllers, parameter variation and optimization, possibility of coupling with other simulation software (e.g. to simulate fluid-structure-interaction), eigenmodes, dynamic and static stresses.
  • HVACalc       
    Hexer is a handy numeric conversion program. It is a very basic program, which allows you to convert between binary, hexadecimal, octal, and decimal numbers. All four number boxes are shown in the program window. You simply enter the number you have and either hit the Enter key or the Calculate button. The other three numbers are instantly displayed in the appropriate spaces. The new values can then be copied to the Windows Clipboard for use in other applications.
  • Image Enhance       
    Free image editor for Windows: bitmap and JPEG images, webcams, digital cameras and scanners, filters and effects.
  • Image Formations by Convex Lens       
    Image Formations by Convex Lens illustrates how light is refracted when passed through a convex lens. This simple program effectively portrays the science behind a convex lens. See how an image passing through a convex lens is brought to a point of focus. You can view a quick, interactive movie diagramming the real image versus the virtual image. Learn how inverted images become erect through a convex lens. There is no documentation in English for this program.
  • ImageForge       
    Freeware for Windows. Create and edit images, acquire pictures from your scanner, digital camera or other Twain-compliant device, apply special effect filters, produce your own photo albums and simple slide shows, and much more.
  • in-STEP BLUE 4.9       
    This is a project management system especially for IT projects. You plan both the project activities and project results. The tool includes patterns and templates for the projects activities and results. It can show you the current states of editing at all times. You can plan schedules in Gantt charts, and plan workloads and costs in tables. The tool also shows you how much of the workload and costs have been incurred compared to the plan for the current day. Team members collaborate via LAN or internet. Configuration management is guaranteed, as all results are stored in a common central repository.
  • Internal Curing with Lightweight Aggregates       
    The American Concrete Institute in 2010 defined internal curing as “supplying water throughout a freshly placed cementitious mixture using reservoirs, via pre-wetted lightweight aggregates, that readily release water as needed for hydration or to replace moisture lost through evaporation or self-desiccation” (American Concrete Institute, 2010). While internal curing has been inadvertently included in many lightweight concretes produced within the past 100 years, it is only within the first decade of the 21st century that this technology has been intentionally incorporated into concrete mixtures at the proportioning stage, using a variety of materials including pre-wetted lightweight aggregates, pre-wetted crushed returned concrete fines, superabsorbent polymers, and pre-wetted wood fibers.
  • InterPSS       
    InterPSS (Internet technology based Power System Simulator) is a free, open source power systems analysis package built in Java by a team of international developers from the US, Canada and China. InterPSS is an integrated package that can run load flow, short circuit, transient stability and power transfer analysis.
  • Inventor Professional 3D CAD       
    Inventor Professional 3D CAD software offers an easy-to-use set of tools for 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation. Digital Prototyping with Inventor helps you design and validate your products before they are built to deliver better products faster.
  • IP_KIT WebCam       
    IP Webcam Kit range is ideal for use on your own website. These kits allow you to add an IP Webcam to your website in the same way you would add an all in one IP webcam, but with the ability to alter the camera component if necessary, without the need to reprogram the IP details as the elctronics for the "IP" part of the kit are in a separate box to the camera. It is also possible to add up to 3 extra cameras to the kit and sequence your website feed between them automatically.
  • IpCom Exchanger 1.0.16       
    IpCom Exchanger is a solution that will let you share serial port devices over network. With IpCom Exchanger you will be able to access serial port over network as if it was connected to you computer. Serial port data transmitted over TCP/IP network and back from the network to remote serial port. IpCom Exchanger software consist of two parts: client application and server application.
  • Irfan View Plug-ins 4.41       
    This set of plugins is for IrfanView. 8BF_Filters allows IrfanView to load Adobe Photoshop 8BF filters. B3D allows IrfanView to read BodyPaint 3D files. CRW allows IrfanView to read Canon CRW/CR2 files. This plugIn requires additional Canon DLLs.
  • IrfanView 4.41       
    Multi language support, thumbnail option, Paint option, slideshow, skins, drag-and-drop support, fast directory view, batch conversion, e-mail option, audio CD player, print option, change color depth, scan support, cut/crop, IPTC edit, effects (sharpen, blur, Adobe Photoshop filters), capturing, extract icons from EXE/DLL/ICLs, lossless JPG rotation/crop, EXE/SCR creation, many hotkeys, many command line options, many plug-ins
  • IRMSoft's Free C++ Testing Engine       
    IRMSoft's Free C++ Testing Engine has a pool of questions to test your knowledge in programming C++. It's a valuable tool for people going for software engineering as a career or those trying for the coveted Microsoft MCSD certification.
  • ISaGRAF 6.0.2       
    ISaGRAF 6.0.2 includes User Interface localization in 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Languages can be installed separately as needed and changed dynamically. Version 6.0.2 also includes added functionalities such as A C5 Library so that users can create and save library projects, a full-featured spy list, binding editor, password-protection on Program Organization Units (POUs), projects, devices and resources, the ability to encrypt POUs, importing/exporting variables in Microsoft Excel format, debugging of function block instances, image customization for operators, functions and function blocks in FBD and LD editors.
  • JetTask 2.0       
    JetTask - task list software with all of the tools you need to effectively manage your time. The JetTask task list makes time management easy. You can manage your task list and your calendar in one easy program. Our task list software can create tasks, set reminders, book appointments, and keep track of dates like birthdays and anniversaries.
  • jFEM       
    2D/3D open source C++ FEM codes developed for nanophotonics by Jeffrey M. McMahon.
  • K.I.S.S Converter       
    This is a real neat tool to convert between 14 operations.
  • Kalendra 2.0.2       
    Version 2.0.2 includes the ability to import data from your favorite social networks, integration with Flickr/YouTube, auto-updating Address Books, ability to share/synchronize calendars with your friends, automated daily online data backup premium option, and a really cool full-featured dual-mode Instant Email client (works with all existing email addresses/systems, minimizes spam, maximizes privacy, no more email server delays!).
  • Kettle Reboiler Design (KRD) 1.0       
    This software tool demonstrates the thermal design calculations and analysis of Kettle type reboilers. The software can be used to make preliminary sizing calculations that will help get a clear feel of the initial design. The tool can use either SI units or English (US) units. Calculation of duty, area, tube length and number of tubes are done easily.
  • Kettle Reboiler Design 2.0.0       
    This software tool helps demonstrate the thermal design calculations and analysis of Kettle type re-boilers. This can be used to make preliminary sizing calculations. This helps give a clear outlook of the initial design. The software comes with a user friendly design and the interface is simple and easy to use. You can use both measurement standards of SI units as well as English measurement units. You would be able to calculate the number of tubes required.
  • KUBRIX®       
    The KUBRIX® family of software covers nearly every grid generation need of today's advanced engineering packages. Interactive solid-based mapped hexahedral meshing. Interactive solid-based convex block decomposition for specific use with Itasca's 3DEC polyhedral DEM/Continuum analysis product. Automatic all-hexahedral meshing based on fuzzy-logic block decomposition. Automatic tetrahedral/hexahedral meshing. Automatic octree meshing. Hybrid & multi-scale meshing combining far field and near field meshes with interfaces and joints.
  • Lab volt       
    The Lab-Volt Electromechanical Systems Simulation Software (LVSIM®-EMS), Model 8970, is a Windows™-based software that covers the same course work as the Computer-Assisted 0.2-kW Electromechanical Training System, Model 8006. LVSIM®-EMS recreates a three-dimensional classroom laboratory on a computer screen. Using the mouse, students can install an EMS training system in this virtual laboratory, set up equipment, and perform exercises in the same way as if actual EMS equipment were used.
  • LCP 5.04       
    This is a password auditing and recovery tool for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. It provides accounts information importing and passwords recovering by dictionary attack, brute force attack, hybrid of dictionary and brute force attacks.
  • LibreCAD       
    A free 2D CAD drafting program. It's a clone of QCAD but has taken a life of it's own.
  • LightZone 3.4       
    LightZone is purpose-built for photography and allows anyone, regardless of photographic skillset, to edit photographs quickly and easily. LightZone's patented image-processing analyzes every photograph and allows photo-editors to make smart visual edits, instantly and with ease.
  • Linric PsycPro       
    PsycPro is the ultimate in psychrometric chart software tools. Create high quality, customized charts. Plot processes, binned weather data, chart zones and custom data. Annotate your charts with notes. Add your logo, change colors then save and export the chart so others can use it. PsycPro offers more features than any other psychrometric chart product.
  • Listen (32-bit) v1.A05       
    Listen (32-bit) v1.A05 is a data link monitor developed to help in the debugging and troubleshooting of serial communications links. The software uses standard Windows COM port drivers to tap into RS-232 transmit signals for checking bi-directional communications between two devices. Data is captured and presented in real-time, using custom defined character fonts and colors. Filters may be applied to the data and a trap buffer, triggered on a character string comparitor, may be used to isolate intermittent faults. One of the unique features of Listen is its ability to show non-printing characters in a lot of formats to suit the user. Each character may be overridden to show a unique text string representing its value.
  • Live TV       
    Live TV Toolbar - over 1750 online TV stations from around the world. The Toolbar is based on a number of patent-pending technologies, automatic TV station updates, Regular view mode
  • Logic Analyzer       
    Logic Analyzer lets you create circuits and test them. You create your design by dragging and dropping gates from the tool box, then dragging connectors to the terminals. Error detection advises you if necessary connections are not complete. The logic analyzer provides a circuit summary. This is beta software, and does not have supporting help or documentation. The toolbox has only a limited number of components for circuit creation.
  • LogixPro-500 PLC Simulator       
    The software lies within Photo & Graphics Tools, more precisely Viewers & Editors. The size of the latest downloadable installation package is 12.6 MB. LPovl.exe and PLC_Sim.exe are the most common filenames for this program's installer. The most popular versions among LogixPro-500 PLC Simulator users are 1.8 and 1.0. Our built-in antivirus checked this download and rated it as virus free. The actual developer of the software is TheLearningPit.
  • Lsynth       
    Lsynth is a program that reads in LDRAW format files (produced my LDRAW and MLCad), and writes out the files with synthesized benable parts.
  • LTspice IV 4.1       
    LTspice IV is a high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. The enhancements to SPICE have made simulating switching regulators extremely fast compared to normal SPICE simulators, allowing the user to view waveforms for most switching regulators in just a few minutes. Included in this download are LTspice IV, Macro Models for 80% of Linear Technology's switching regulators, over 200 op amp models, as well as resistors, transistors and MOSFET models.
  • Machinist's Companion       
    The Machinist's Companion is a free tool for operators, setup people, and programmers of manual and automatic machine tools. It performs a wide variety of machinist calculations to assist in programming and setup, and to help check parts while they're still in the machine. Results from the various calculations and functions can be copied and pasted into other documents or the simple G-Code editor included, thus allowing setup people and machine attendants to make their own CNC programming changes — something that only the programmer could once do. Each function or calculation pops up its own full-screen dialog with a simple edit box interface, but large and clear preview images help in determining the proper input.
  • MacSpice       
    This circuit simulation which is compatible for PowerPC and Intel architecture Apple Macintosh (MAC pc) computers is derived from Berkeley Spice 3f5 . This breadboard simulator can perform simulation ranging from a single resistor to an integrated circuit with thousands of devices and components packed together.
  • ManageEngine MibBrowser Free Tool       
    ManageEngine MibBrowser Free Tool is a complete tool to test the SNMP Agent running in the network. SNMP MibBrowser Free Tool is a complete MibBrowser that enables loading, browsing, and searching MIBs, walking the MIB tree, and performing all other SNMP-related functions. SNMP MibBrowsers allow the user to view and operate on data available through an SNMP agent on a managed device.
  • Martin Vogel's Symbols       
    This is a symbol font containing a variety of characters. The font includes civil engineering load and support symbols, steel profile symbols, scissors with cutting lines, answering machine, fax, euro currency symbols, the CE symbol, wheelchair, restroom symbols, and more. This new release provides additional engineering and scientific symbols, a revised CE mark, a laser beam, and more.
  • MatDyn       
    MatDyn is an open source extension of MATPOWER for the dynamic analysis of power systems.
  • MathType       
    Design Science MathType(tm) is a powerful interactive tool for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, and for TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents. MathType is the professional version of the Equation Editor in Microsoft Office and many other products.
  • MATLAB       
    MATLAB student-use software provides the same tools that professional engineers and scientists use every day. With MATLAB and Simulink, you can excel in your courses, have fun with projects, and build important career skills.
  • MATPOWER       
    MATPOWER is a Matlab-based power systems simulation package developed at Cornell University. MATPOWER can solve load flow and optimal power flow problems, and "is intended as a simulation tool for researchers and educators that is easy to use and modify".
  • MatrikonOPC Tunneller™       
    OPC Tunneller from MatrikonOPC (with encryption and data compression) provides an easy, reliable and secure way to communicate between networked computers. It does away with the headaches typically associated with DCOM configuration. While DCOM requires a reliable communication network, OPC Tunneller operates under poor initial network setup, widespread networks, and unreliable network infrastructures such as satellite or wireless networks. OPC Tunneller even allows for user configurable time-outs, thus giving you complete control.
  • Maya 3D animation       
    Maya 3D animation software offers a comprehensive creative feature set for 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, and compositing on a highly extensible production platform. Maya has next-generation display technology, accelerated modeling workflows, and tools for handling complex data.
  • mbpoll.exe 6, 3, 1, 898       
    mbpoll.exe: Modbus Slave application file. If you receive an error mbpoll.exe missing. You can try to download this file and paste it in directory where it missing. If you receive an error in file mbpoll.exe. Try to replace it with this one.
  • MBS3D       
    Open source mult-body dynamic software using double-step Maggi formulation. Needs Matlab and OpenSceneGraph for 3D visualization.
  • mbslave.exe 6, 0, 2, 867       
    mbslave.exe: Modbus Poll application file. If you receive an error mbslave.exe missing. You can try to download this file and paste it in directory where it missing. If you receive an error in file mbslave.exe. Try to replace it with this one.
  • Measurement Conversion       
    Measurement Conversion helps you convert different measurement units of Length, Weight, Area and Capacity from one to other: such as you can convert inch to centimeter, meter, kilometer and so on.
  • MemoMaster 4.0.52       
    MemoMaster is a powerful MS Word and MS Excel compatible free information memo storing and organizing software. An essential requirement of any such information based product, is to be able to retrieve the right piece of information when required.
  • MesyShaft       
    The MESYS rolling bearing calculation determines the load distribution within the bearing and the bearing life according ISO/TS 16281. Therefore the influence of tilting angles or bearing clearance on bearing life can be evaluated.
  • Mex       
    Use the math expression calculator to quickly evaluate multi variable mathematical expressions. You can type in an expression such as 34+67*sin(23)+log(10) and see the result instantaneously. Mex supports multiple variables, basic operators and trignometric/log functions.
  • Minpower       
    Minpower is an open source Python-based toolkit for solving economic dispatch, optimal power flow and unit commitment problems. It was first developed in 2011.
  • MIRACL Calc       
    MIRACL Calc is a multi-precision fully-functioned calculator that can calculate up to 10,000 places! MIRACL Calc depends upon the MIRACL C/C++ library developed by Mike Scott at Shamus Software.
  • MITCalc - Beam Calculation       
    This is an application for calculating beam load situations. MITCalc is a set of engineering, industrial, and technical calculations for your day-to-day routines. It will reliably, precisely, and most of all quickly guide you through the design of components, the solution of a technical problem, or a calculation of an engineering point without any significant need for expert knowledge.
  • MITCalc - Bevel Gear Calculation 1.15       
    MITCalc essentially is a Ms Excel template and hence retains the flexibility of a typical Excel spreadsheet. The color combination used on template makes it easy to work with as one can quickly identify the requisite parameters. The application presents before a variety of functions and depending on our need we can choose to exercise the same.
  • MITCalc - Bolted connection 1.19       
    MITCalc is a set of engineering, industrial, and technical calculations for your day-to-day routines. It will reliably, precisely, and most of all quickly guide you through the design of components, the solution of a technical problem, or a calculation of an engineering problem without any significant need for expert knowledge. This specific module is an application built-in on Excel that provides design checks for bolted components.
  • MITCalc - Buckling Calculation 1.18       
    This program helps calculate optimum cross-section of slender struts strained for buckling. It will calculate the optimum cross-section required to prevent buckling for the given strain load. The program will help you choose from six basic types of buckling and analyze 20 types of cross sections of the struts. The tool will provide you strength check of the strut, and design optimum profile for accommodating the set load.
  • MITCalc - Internal Spur Gear Calculation 1.17       
    MITCalc – Internal Spur Gear Calculation version 1.15 is an effective program to meet out the needs of those who are into working with Spur Gears. This calculation tool is exclusively designed for both geometric and strength designing as well as checking of spur gears equipped with toothing that is of Straight and Helical nature.
  • MITCalc - Multi pulley calculation 1.15       
    The calculation is developed for geometrical designs of belt and chain transmissions with more sprocket wheels
  • MITCalc - Plates 1.13       
    This module calculates the deflection, stress and variation of forces in the loaded flat plates. The loaded plates need to be flat, homogeneous, with the same thickness and made from one material. The shape could be circular, annular circular and rectangular. The load distribution could be evenly distributed, uneven, over the whole surface or parts of it or may be loaded by the force distributed on the circle.
  • MITCalc - Profiles Calculation 1.18       
    The design calculation module solves area characteristics of profiles. These are created with a simple graphics editor provided with the tool. This will also help solve mass characteristics of solids created by extrusion or rotation of the profile.
  • MITCalc - Rolling Bearings Calculation I 1.16       
    MITCalc is a software for a set of engineering, industrial, and technical calculations for your day-to-day routines. It helps you carry out design of components precisely and quickly. If you need calculations for solving a technical problem or an engineering calculation this could be a tool for you. You are not going to need external expert’s knowledge.
  • MITCalc - Rolling Bearings Calculation II 1.17       
    This module can be used for the selection, calculation and check of rolling bearings. This tool comes with a large database of components and can help you select a suitable bearing for a given job. The roller bearing components include RBC Bearings, Nice Ball Bearing, General Bearing Company, New Hampshire Ball Bearing, NMB USA Inc.
  • MITCalc - Rolling Bearings Calculation III 1.14       
    Rolling Bearings Calculation of MITCalc is a perfect tool that enables you to calculate all the complex computations that will guide you through the course of your designs and find solutions of various technical problems even if you do not have any high expertise in this field. MITCalc has brought out this module exclusively for the working out with bearings, springs, gear, belt, shaft, bolt connection and many more.
  • MITCalc - Shafts Calculation 1.18       
    The calculation is designed for geometrical design and complex strength check of shafts. Simple definition of installed shafts, including hollow ones,  Options of definitions of necking-down, recesses, grooves and calculation of the relevant coefficients of stress concentration.
  • MITCalc - Spur Gear Calculation 1.18       
    Calculation of helical and straight toothing (external), Automatic design of a transmission with the minimum number of input requirements.
  • MITCalc - Tolerances 1.18       
    MITCalc - Tolerances 1.13 is a program for engineering and industrial calculations for your day-to-day work. The calculation includes tables and calculations for fitting of machine parts and to determine their dimensional tolerances. It includes design and check calculations for gear, belt, bearings, chain drives, springs, bolt connection, beam, shafts, tolerances and many more. The data, procedures, algorithms and specialized literature are used in the calculations.
  • MITCalc - Torsion Springs 1.17       
    The calculations provided by MITCalc are intended for the purposes of geometric and strength designs of spiral cylindrical torsion springs. Spring designs that are made from wires and rods in circular sections, cold formed and loaded with a static or cyclic loading are handled. The software is based on MS Excel and the interface is available in multiple languages.
  • Mobility Testbed       
    MobilityTestbed, formerly known as DARP Simulation Testbed, is an open source, interaction-rich Multi-agent simulation model designed to test and evaluate various Dial-a-ride problem algorithms or other central or decentralized coordination or Resource allocation mechanisms within on-demand transportation systems.
  • ModelSheet       
    ModelSheet Freeware is the ultimate toolkit for knowledge workers. If you are a scientist, engineer, professor, researcher, IT professional, data warehouse manager, database administrator, executive, decision maker, money manager, or another type of professional knowledge worker, ModelSheet is for you. Connect to databases, read files from the Web, parse data, create 3D visualization, calculate statistics, merge tables, connect to live data feeds, create animations, design presentation graphics, simplify the enterprise, refine product positioning, and much more! ModelSheet is fully parallel and multiprocessing using the latest in Windows-based software and 3D graphics technology. ModelSheet Freeware includes three Model Wizards for creating 3D pie charts, scatter plots, and heightfields. Registered versions include powerful add-ons that perform visualization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data, nanotechnology, particle science, e-commerce, Web traffic, transaction analysis, enterprise integration, and more.
  • MoFEM JosePH       
    MoFEM (JosePH) is a finite element analysis code tailored for the solution of multi-physics problems.
  • Mole Calc       
    Mole Calc is a very easy to use Windows (95/98/NT) freeware which calculates molecular weight of all your chemicals. Simply enter the chemical formula (H2O for water for example) and Mole Calc calculates its molecular weight.
  • Molecular Weight Calculator       
    The Molecular Weight Calculator calculates a molecule's molecular weight (or formula weight), and the molecule's percent composition, displaying the results for up to 20 compounds simultaneously. It also features a Mole/Mass Converter and a Formula Finder, plus easy exchange of information to/from other Windows applications. An online help file is also included.
  • Monte Carlo Method       
    The Project Risk Analysis program enables the capital risks on projects to be evaluated, and calculates the financial contingency required to cover those risks in a rational and defendable manner.
  • MOOSE       
    Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment - an object oriented C++ finite element framework for rapid development of tightly coupled multiphysics solvers.
  • MPLab ID v8.92       
    MPLAB X IDE is a software program that runs on a PC (Windows®, Mac OS®, Linux®) to develop applications for Microchip microcontrollers and digital signal controllers. It is called an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), because it provides a single integrated "environment" to develop code for embedded microcontrollers.
  • MSD Organizer Freeware 9.20       
    MSD Organizer is a complete, powerful and easy to use personal and professional information manager with calendar, alarms, tasks, contacts, personal diary, property, budget, health and music.
  • MT-Organizer 1.2       
    The reminder provides an easy way to remember birthdays, appointments and other things you sometimes forget about.
  • Multisim 11.0       
    Multisim and Ultiboard 11.0 introduce a number of new features and enhancements to make capturing designs, simulating behavior, and defining board layout faster and easier. With the latest release of Multisim and Ultiboard 11.0, NI continues to enhance its design, simulation, and layout capabilities.
  • MWSnap       
    MWSnap is a small yet powerful Windows program for snapping (capturing) images from selected parts of the screen. The current version is capable of capturing the whole desktop, a highlighted window, an active menu, or a fixed or free rectangular part of the screen.
  • nanoCAD       
    A powerful free 2D CAD just like AutoCAD. They also have a paid version called nanoCAD Plus, but you will not miss any of those additional features while using the free version.
  • Netbiter Config 1.4       
    The Netbiter Config utility is a PC-based configuration utility to set TCP/IP network settings in the Netbiter. This utility has the ability to scan the Ethernet network for connected Netbiter devices and let the user set IP-address, net mask, gateway, DNS and hostname for each unit.
  • NetLogo       
    NetLogo was designed, in the spirit of the Logo programming language, to be "low threshold and no ceiling". It teaches programming concepts using agents in the form of turtles, patches, links and the observer.
  • Network Chart       
    As a display tool, Network Charts can be created from your existing Microsoft Project plans or from other Project Management Software. The Network Charts produced by WBS Schedule Pro are easier to follow and understand. Tasks in the Network are optimized on each page to minimize overlapping lines, reduce clutter and print on fewer pages.
  • NgSpice       
    NgSpice is developed by a collective effort from its users and its code is based on 3 open source software packages:- known as:- Spice3f5 , Cider and Xspice. Ngspice is a part of gEDA project which is growing every day with suggestions from its users, development from its contributors, fixing bugs and approaching perfection.
  • NI LabVIEW Run-Time Engine       
    The most popular versions of the tool are 2013.0, 11.0 and 10.0. This PC program works fine with 32-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/7/8. The software is categorized as Development Tools. Ni LabVIEW Run-Time Engine is a free program that offers you full support for executables. The Ni LabVIEW Run-Time Engine allows your browser to display VIs embedded in Web pages. The program permits you to run executables that you build with the Application Builder in LabVIEW 2013.
  • ns-3       
    ns (from network simulator) is a name for series of discrete event network simulators, specifically ns-1, ns-2 and ns-3. All of them are discrete-event computer network simulators, primarily used in research[4] and teaching. ns-3 is free software, publicly available under the GNU GPLv2 license for research, development, and use.
  • OilProp 2.0       
    This software helps calculate thermo-physical properties of oil and derivatives. These calculations in turn help deciding design factors in storage, transportation, mixing etc. at room temperature and pressure as well as when the oil is in liquid and gas phase. these additional calculations help decide design factors in process modeling and designing.
  • On PC CAD 1.0       
    A complete 2D furnishings library help you in projects for space destination and design solutions. It's an architectural CAD easy to use.
  • OneSpace Modeling PE       
    CoCreate OneSpace Modeling Personal Edition (PE) is our free 3D CAD software that anyone can download and use to create 3D designs and associative 2D drawings.
  • OOFEM       
    Object Oriented Finite EleMent solver, written in C++.
  • OPC Cogent Skkynet tunnelling software       
    Connect to multiple data sources and clients: OPC, Modbus, TCP, ODBC, and more. Tunnel OPC data across any network, securely and without DCOM issues
  • Open Source Physics       
    Open Source Physics, or OSP, is a project sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Davidson College, whose mission is to spread the use of open source code libraries that take care of a lot of the heavy lifting for physics: drawing and plotting, differential equation solvers, exporting to animated GIFs and movies, etc., tools, and compiled simulations for physics and other numerical simulations .
  • OpenDSS       
    OpenDSS (Distribution System Simulator) is an open source project by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). OpenDSS is Windows-based and "supports all rms steady-state (frequency domain) analyses commonly performed on electric power distribution systems, such as power flow, harmonic analysis and fault current calculations."
  • OpenEaagles       
    OpenEaagles is an open source framework designed to support the rapid construction of virtual (human-in-the-loop) and constructive simulation applications. It has been used extensively to build DIS compliant distributed simulation systems.
  • OpenFOAM       
    OpenFOAM (Field Operation And Manipulation): Originally for CFD only, but now includes finite element analysis through tetrahedral decomposition of arbitrary grids
  • OpenFVM       
    Open source serial and parallel solvers to simulate the flow past complex 3D geometries. Needs the open source tool Gmsh for pre- and post-processing.
  • OpenOffice Base       
    Create and maintain databases and build forms and reports to provide easy access to data for end-users. Tasks can be as simple as a personal CD collection or a mail merge using data generated from customers. Wizards can guide through database design for new users to create Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports. Base offers predefined tables for tracking assets, customers, sales orders, and invoices and more templates can be added through extensions.
  • OpenSees       
    OpenSees is an Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation
  • OpenSim       
    The software performs inverse dynamics analysis and forward dynamics simulations. OpenSim is used in hundreds of biomechanics laboratories around the world to study movement and has a community of software developers contributing new features.
  • OptiPerformer 10.0       
    Optiwave introduces OptiPerformer, a freeware complement to OptiSystem. OptiPerformer empowers research colleagues, sales and marketing teams, and students with a full working freeware simulation environment enabling them to load existing OptiSystem files, run full simulations, and view results.
  • Oscilloscope for Advantech PCL-718/818       
    Oscilloscope for Advantech PCL-718/818 is an oscilloscope that features a 100 kHz sampling rate, double DMA buffering for getting pure data, visual real-time signal control, time and voltage measurement, zooming, scrolling, and easy channel switching. It also allows you to export data to Mathcad.
  • OZC       
    Calculates heat losses of buildings and also prepares results for Heating system calculations in CO software.
  • P2pover 4.04       
    P2pover is a powerful bandwidth management software, which can shape and monitor the whole local network's traffic.
  • Page PLUS       
    Free desktop publishing and print program for Windows created by Serif Software. Useful when you want to create Ads, Brochures, Flyers, Forms, Newsletters, Handouts, Posters, Price lists, Reports, Invitations, Calendars, Greeting cards, etc.
  • Particle Flow Code (PFC)™ Version 5       
    PFC sets the industry standard in performance, ease of use, accuracy and versatility for manufacturing, mining, geotechnical, earth sciences, pharmaceuticals and packaging simulation.
  • Particle Simulator (PSim)       
    Particle Simulator (PSim) is an artificial life simulator. You simply select a number of artificial living objects which move around in a 2D world while making decisions based upon basic instincts and interactions with others. Particle Simulator also lets you create your own objects, perform batch simulations, generate graphs,, and manage a library of logged simulations.
  • PassMark BurnInTest™       
    PassMark BurnInTest™ is a software tool that allows all the major sub-systems of a computer to be simultaneously stress tested for endurance, reliability and stability. BurnInTest will bring intermittent or hidden problems to the surface so that after a successfully run the computer can be used with a much higher level of confidence. BurnInTest can also be used by overclockers to verify system stability at high clock speeds.
  • Pathways Planner 5.2       
    The Pathways Planner Free edition helps you to set goals, manage finances, and plan activities that will bring happiness to you and your family. It is also useful for small organizations such as charities in order to plan projects and track finances. The software includes the planner itself plus an alarm clock, a person and address book, a handy filer, an "idea for the day", a tool for developing an expert system, and a launch bar for the various accessories.
  • p-cad schematic viewer       
    This is the viewer for schematic P-CAD files. Its interface is identical to that of the full P-CAD, except that it doesn't allow to make modifications.
  • PC-ControLAB 3.0       
    PC-ControLAB, is a Windows (R) based process control loop simulation program. The realistic user interface has the features of most operator workstations, hence there is essentially no learning curve required for beneficial use of the program. The program contains 13 control strategies (Feedback, Dual Feedback, Ratio, Cascade, 2 forms of Feedforward, Override, 2 forms of Decoupling and 4 forms of Model-Based Control) and numerous process model representing typical dynamic processes such as temperature, pressure, flow and level applications.
  • PECS       
    PECS – is a free power electronics circuit simulator created by Richard Tymerski. You can download the various manuals and tutorials from the website before start using the simulation tool.
  • Phoenix EDID Designer 1.3       
    This tool allows you to create and modify VESA EDID structures. It creates the 128-byte structure through an option-driven interface. It also parses and displays existing EDID structures. You can view the raw 128 bytes with real-time updates as EDID characteristics are changed in the interface. Phoenix can also import and display EDID entries from the Windows registry.
  • PhotoELF 4.0.64       
    Easy to use and intuitive. View, Edit and Print 82 different image formats as well as video clips. Excellent printing utility with user defined templates. Create fun calendars and posters and extract frames from video clips. Editing: Batch edit hundreds of photos in seconds, including: batch renaming, resizing, compressing, EXIF editing and more. PhotoELF is The digital camera companion.
  • PhotoModeler Lite       
    With PhotoModeler Lite, you can create 3D models from photos, complete with points, lines, surfaces, and phototextures mapped on right from your photos! PhotoModeler Lite is based on photogrammetry, the science of extracting data from photographs. Photogrammetry is a powerful and flexible tool, though many people are not familiar with its capabilities. PhotoModeler Lite offers a no-cost, no-risk way to evaluate and learn the power of photogrammetry.
  • Physics Abstraction Layer       
    The Physics Abstraction Layer (PAL) is an open source cross-platform physical simulation API abstraction system. It is similar to a physics engine wrapper, however it is far more flexible providing extended abilities.
  • PICAXE Programming Editor 5 (PE5)       
    The Programming Editor 5 supports all PICAXE chips and has a full suite of code development features such as: source code colour syntax highlighting auto indentation syntax check and program download code explorer to shown variable, label and constant values full on screen simulation with animated chips and line by line code highlighting simulation breakpoints by line number and variable value debug and serial terminal windows AXE027 download cable testing and port identification tools various testing tools such as the analogue calibration wizard various code generation wizards (pwmout, tune etc.) - See more at:
  • PicoScope 6.5       
    PicoScope is the program and driver for the PC Oscilloscopes by Pico Technology. PC Oscilloscopes are quite common nowadays, since they are low cost and compact. They also have 4 or more input ports for measurements. With up to 24-bit resolution, and 0.1% accuracy , the PicoScope Oscilloscopes are a good choice for any electronic hobbyist or professional engineer.
  • PlanBee project management planning tool 2.0e       
    This is a critical path project management planning tool, similar to MS Project. It shows project data in a spreadsheet format. Independent, re-sizable windows show PERT and Gantt views as well.
  • PMPlan 4       
    PMPlan is a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)-oriented development tool with an integrated cost and schedule project control system that deals with internal management needs and contractual data items that may also require earned value management analysis and reporting on both cost and schedule.
  • Post-it Software Notes - Lite 3.0       
    This post-it note program provides reminders on your computer desktop so you never miss a meeting, event or idea. You can create your own notes with pictures and hyperlinks, stick notes on your computer desktop and add alarms to your notes as reminders. You can also subscribe to receive information on a Post-it Software Note from Web sites that provide this service.
  • Power GEOPAK       
    Power GEOPAK helps you improve quality by combining traditional engineering workflows of plan, profile, and cross-sections with innovative 3D modeling technology based on parametric relationships and constraints.
  • PowerEsim       
    PowerEsim is a free web-based software providing power supply (SMPS) design, transformer design, magnetic design, loss analysis, thermal analysis, waveform analysis, MTBF analysis, BOM building, DVT analysis and optimization of power supply (SMPS).
  • PowerSHAPE-e       
    Free 3D CAD designer using wireframe, surface, solid & triangle modeling. Files can only be saved in their propreitary format.
  • Powersimtech       
    You need to be able to test power electronics theories and models quickly. Having a tool that delivers fast results, but does not compromise accuracy is critical. It should be easy to use, easy to learn, easy to implement and offer exceptional value.
  • PowerWorld Simulator Glover Sarma 16.2       
    PowerWorldÒ Simulator (Simulator) is a power system simulation package designed from the ground up to be user-friendly and highly interactive. Simulator has the power for serious engineering analysis, but it is also so interactive and graphical that it can be used to explain power system operations to non-technical audiences. With Version 16 we’ve made Simulator more powerful, more visual, and easier to use.
  • ProcDev v1.0       
    This data file will show 20 flow diagrams of common chemical engineering plant processes. It lets you easily look up an explanation of plant processes, and it includes a description of important features.
  • PROFIBUS-DP Master Simulator 4.2       
    The PROFIBUS DP Master Simulator is an easy to use software for data exchange with PROFIBUS DP slaves of many suppliers via PROFIBUS. The PROFIBUS DP Master Simulator can exchange data with the PROFIBUS slave even without GSD-file or type-file. The PROFIBUS slave can be put into operation with the default I/O window.
  • Project Engine Personal 2008:6       
    Project Engine contains all the features found in modern project tools like Gantt charts, workload reports, time reporting, scheduling, 3D charts, customizable fields, burndown charts and much more. The simple intuitive design, quick installation and configuration ensure increased productivity from day one.
  • PROJECT in a box - Community Edition 2.2.2       
    Navigate your projects from the process diagrams and then Community Edition shows you which documents you should be working on at each step of the process. Not only that but it provides the templates and then gives you a configuration management and audit trail system to boot. Want to share your project documents with colleagues? Simply check out and send them a file or export, publish and share the whole project. You can also add your own files and build your project libraries.
  • Project KickStart 4.0       
    You'll consider project phases, goals, resources, obstacles and other big-picture issues. Schedule tasks with Project KickStarts Gantt chart, and use its Reports Generator to print a wide variety of reports. For extended versatility, Project KickStart integrates with Microsoft Office, such as Project, Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Project Management Software       
    This free project management software has superb feature sets for scheduling, scope of work definition, deliverables and milestones planning, scenario planning, definition of teams, resource allocation, and project monitoring.
  • ProjectLibre 1.5       
    ProjectLibre is an open source alternative to Microsoft Project. ProjectLibre is compatible with Microsoft Project 2003, 2007 and 2010 files. You can simply open them on Linux, Mac OS or Windows.
  • ProjectTrack Personal Edition 2010.7.6       
    It integrates all the tools and information that you need to manage any kind of project, big or small. Keep track of your tasks, issues, risks, meetings, changes, contacts and even documents. Collaborate and share data with your team members, clients and sponsors. No other tool on the market more completely manages projects from start to finish.
  • ProjRisk from Karmarsoft       
    The Project Risk Analysis program enables the capital risks on projects to be evaluated, and calculates the financial contingency required to cover those risks in a rational and defendable manner. Too often the project contingency is guesstimated as a "gut feel" amount, without much consideration for the real risks involved. The procedure followed in PRA encourages disciplined estimating, and calculates the required contingency using the proven statistical method known as Monte Carlo Simulation.
  • Proteus       
    Prospice is a mixed mode, Spice based simulation tool from LabCenter. They have two versions, basic and advanced. Basic version is free which supports interactive simulation only while advanced supports a range of useful functions and features like graph based analysis which includes frequency, noise, distortion, fourier parameters etc.
  • PSAT       
    The Power Systems Analysis Toolbox (PSAT) is a Matlab-based package developed by Frederico Milano for power systems analysis and simulation. Functions include load flow, OPF, small signal stability analysis and time domain simulation.
    PTC Mathcad Express 3.1        PTC MathCad is software for solving, analyzing, and sharing your engineering calculations. It supports mathematical notations, has built-in intelligent use of units, supports extensive calculations and thus is a very good tool for engineering design support.
  • PUMP-FLO 10.6       
    PUMP-FLO is the perfect tool to select, evaluate, and analyze centrifugal pumps using manufacturers' supplied electronic pump catalogs. With PUMP-FLO you can be sure that the desired pump meets your system's requirements for optimum efficiency, therefore minimizing maintenance and pumping costs.
  • PuTTY       
    It's especially aimed for programmers and network administrators, which means that newcomers won't find it easy to use. The program features a simple, straightforward interface with no included documentation. Despite its apparent simplicity, PuTTY is highly configurable and includes many options to tweak connections, sessions, SSH security features and even the window's appearance.
  • PYPOWER       
    PYPOWER is a power flow and Optimal Power Flow (OPF) solver. It is a port of MATPOWER to the Python programming language. Current features include:
    DC and AC (Newton's method & Fast Decoupled) power flow and DC and AC optimal power flow (OPF).
  • PYPOWER-Dynamics       
    PYPOWER-Dynamics is a transient stability extension module for PYPOWER. There is fairly extensive documentation on the PYPOWER-Dynamics wiki.
  • QCAD       
    A free 2D CAD drafting program that is effective and easy to use.
  • Qcheck       
    Qcheck is the ultimate utility for testing network response time, throughput, and streaming performance. Qcheck is a valuable troubleshooting tool for network engineers and Help Desk personnel who need to determine quickly whether the network is responsible for a performance problem.
  • QUCS       
    Quite Universal Circuit Simulator is a free simulation software developed on GNU/Linux environment. Well this software really works on other operating systems such as Solaris, Apple Macintosh, Microsoft windows, FreeBSD, NetBSD etc. User can simulate large signal, small signal and noise behavior of the circuit using this simple circuit simulator.
  • Quick select       
    Find what you need in your drawing with the Object Query tool. Create a selection set based on your filtering criteria, including object type and property parameters. For example, you can select all the multi-line text objects in a drawing that use a specified text style.
  • Quickie Architect 5.0       
    You can create floor plans, elevations, landscape plans and more with ease using the intuitive and extensive array of drafting tools. You can print a drawing to any scale on any size printer. You can even print a large drawing on an ordinary inkjet or laser printer using Quickit Architect's automatic tiling.
  • RealWorld Cursor Editor      
    Freeware cursor editor for Windows. It includes a raster image editor, supports all native Windows cursor types and Vista cursors, 2-bit to 32-bit RGBA color depths, animated cursors, and many image formats, such as: JPEG, GIF, BMP, RRI.
  • RegInOut System Utilities 4.0       
    RegInOut comes to serve users who are looking to take care of their 'productive machines'. It is equipped with the speed optimization and registry cleaner features which make your Windows PCs more speedier and error-free.
  • Repetier-Host       
    The Repetier-Host is a simple to use host software, which is be compatible with most firmwares around. You can add and position your STL files on the simulated printbed and slice them all together. For slicing you can use the built-in Slic3r slicer or use the well-known Skeinforge. Just call "Slice & Load" and the job gets delegated to the current slicer, showing its output in the log window.
  • Retina display support       
    AutoCAD 2015 for Mac software fully supports the Retina display's high-resolution graphics abilities. Look for high-definition graphics throughout the user interface, from toolbars and icons to in-canvas line rendering.
  • Revit       
    Revit software is specifically built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), empowering design and construction professionals to bring ideas from concept to construction with a coordinated and consistent model-based approach. It includes the functionality of all of the Revit disciplines (architecture, MEP, and structure) in one unified interface.
  • Ribbon galleries       
    Visually access drawing content directly from the ribbon, saving time and clicks. The Ribbon gallery offers a fast and intuitive workflow. For example, suppose you want to add a block to your design. Using the Ribbon gallery, hover over the ribbon for a block insertion. The Block gallery will display thumbnails of all the blocks. You can insert your selection straightaway, without having to use a dialogue box.
  • Risk II 1.0       
    Organize your forces in a ruthless campaign to crush your enemies and take their territories in this fast paced game of strategy, negotiation, and luck. See the classic game come to life with more ways to play, advanced map options, superior graphics, and animated battles. It's up to you to deploy your troops, attack your enemies, and even betray your allies, in an aggressive effort to take over the world!
  • Risk Management Software PRO Edition 1.6       
    This is a comprehensive set of risk management software solution tools. One single file contains everything and the data remains local and not exposed to the cloud either. Many other solutions do that. This is a tool for in-depth risk analysis and risk reporting. This has a simple and easy to use interface.
  • RoboRealm 1.0       
    RoboRealm is a free vision software based application for use in machine vision, image analysis, and image processing systems. Using an easy to use point and click interface complex image analysis becomes easy.
  • Room Arranger 7.0.3       
    This program allows you to design rooms in your apartment, whole house or plan garden layouts.This program allows you to design rooms in your apartment, whole house or plan garden layouts. This program allows you to design rooms in your apartment, whole house or plan garden layouts.
  • RPowerLABS       
    RPowerLABS is suite of a web-based power system analysis and simulation tools from Nigeria created in the R language. It also features as an online virtual power system simulation laboratory with provisions for real-time collaboration between participants.
  • RSD Lite 5.7       
    RSD Lite lets you flash/install the SPRecovery image onto your phone. In turn you can install a ROM with root access. An improperly flashed ROM can often brick the device, rendering it unusable. Use at your own risk, we take no responsibility for any damage to your phone as a result of rooting your Android.
  • SCADAMaster™       
    A key component of a smart water network, SCADAMaster turns traditional offline analyses into extremely accurate, high-fidelity online network simulations — giving utilities the most cost-effective way of viewing and synthesizing SCADA and other real time telemetry data with network modeling and other enterprise applications.
  • Scilab       
    Scilab is an open source, cross-platform numerical computational package and a high-level, numerically oriented programming language. It can be used for signal processing, statistical analysis, image enhancement, fluid dynamics simulations, numerical optimization, and modeling, simulation of explicit and implicit dynamical systems and (if the corresponding toolbox is installed) symbolic manipulations.
  • SCLForge       
    The SCL Forge facilitates editing and creating Substation Configuration Language (SCL) files. SCL files contain the definition of the object model of a particular device or devices. SCL Forge focuses on configuring the pieces of the SCL file needed to define a particular device.
  • ScreenShot Wizard 1.01       
    All features are designed for fast and convenient work with screen-shots. In addition to simple image capturing, this works with plugins that let you send screenshots by e-mail or save them to a new file.
  • Selenium       
    The Selenium Server is needed in order to run either Selenium RC style scripts or Remote Selenium WebDriver ones. The 2.x server is a drop-in replacement for the old Selenium RC server and is designed to be backwards compatible with your existing infrastructure.
  • SentiGaze SDK 1.0       
    SentiGaze is simple to use, as the technology is designed to work with regular webcams and requires no specific hardware like specialized gaze-tracking cameras or fixing person's head in a rigid position.
  • SfePy       
    SfePy is a software for solving systems of coupled partial differential equations (PDEs) by the finite element method in 2D and 3D. It can be viewed both as black-box PDE solver, and as a Python package which can be used for building custom applications. The time demanding parts implemented in C/Cython.
  • Shapes and Stencil for Piping Isometrics       
    Shapes and Stencil for Piping Isometrics is a free 2D-CAD library with 74 shapes for piping isometrics. These shapes are impractical for layout of the real piping in the engineering world, but they work with Visio (Standard Edition of Visio v5.0 or Visio 2000, from Microsoft) and enable you to draw a rough image for evaluation or planning. Beyond just piping runs, rectangular ducts, elbows, valves, check valves, reducers, and other similar objects are provided.
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design 3.0.0       
    A design tool that could be used to make chemical designs and rating calculations of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. The software enables you to design heat exchangers in an elaborate step by step process. Considered to be a professional software, the application is easy to use and can calculate unknown shell/tube side temperature by iteration method.
  • Signal Analyze Toolkit       
    Signal Analyze Toolkit is a FFT-based signal processing software. Its basic functions include a waveform generator, spectrum analysis, correlation, histogram, waterfall, transfer function, and digital filtering. It uses any standard PC sound card to acquire the sound signal, which you can then analyze by the various methods and export to Microsoft Office applications, to the Windows Clipboard, or into simple bitmap files. The program allows any standard PC to replace dedicated signal analysis equipment. Documentation and Help within the product is very limited, but extensive resources are available through the provider's Web site, including updates and related DLL files.
  • Silux       
    Free 2D multi-body dynamic simulation software. Models can include springs, dampers, actuators, propulsion engines,gears, cables, links, fixed points, Gravitation fields, perturbations, programmable control systems, sensors & friction.
  • Simpo PDF to Excel 1.4.2       
    Simpo PDF to Excel is a professional PDF converter to convert batch PDF documents to Microsoft Office Excel files. This PDF tool preserves all text contents and tables from the original PDF documents to Excel spreadsheets accurately.
  • SimPy       
    SimPy is a process-based discrete-event simulation framework based on standard Python. Its event dispatcher is based on Python’s generators and can also be used for asynchronous networking or to implement multi-agent systems (with both, simulated and real communication).
  • SIMULINK       
    With Simulink, you can excel in your courses, have fun with projects, and build important career skills.
  • Smartdraw       
    Smartdraw is a downloadable Windows-based application that serves users as a functional and efficient visual processing utility. Boasting to be the world’s first program of its type, Smartdraw enables application users to create beautifully-formatted written documentations as well as presentation-quality visuals swiftly and easily. The application prevents hassles usually related to complex graphic software as well as time-consuming, and sometimes, unsatisfactory results of inexperienced, software utilizers.
  • SMCDraw       
    The software features include complete and easy to navigate library of pneumatic symbols that can be easily added to the circuit and connected, full circuit testing feature, automatic creation of parts lists
  • SmcPneuDraw       
    This is a new free application from SMC corporation that alows you to layout and diagram SMC pneumatic equipment.
  • SnagIt 11.2       
    Use Snagit to capture any image you want straight off your computer screen. Enhance with transparency, callouts, and other effects to turn a simple screen shot into an eye-grabbing visual. Easily organize your images and use them again and again for other projects. Then show off your Snagit creations to anyone. Just add them to your documents and presentations... or share using your favorite applications.
  • SO-Foundation 2.0.509       
    SO-Foundation calculates bearing capacity of shallow foundations considering both shear failure and settlement.
    Hansen, Meyerhof, Vesic, Terzaghi and Eurocode methods are employed for the determination of shear failure.
  • Solid Edge Drafting       
    A free 2D parametric CAD program. As a parametric program you would think changing a dimension should change the entity. Not so. You have to select the actual entity and not the dimension to change it.
  • Solve Elec       
    Solve Elec – is an electrical circuit simulator (free version) which is developed for Macintosh OS and Windows. It enables users to draw and analyse circuits (both electrical and electronic) functioning in direct current or alternating current, get formulas, verify equations, get equivalent circuits etc.
  • SpeedFan       
    SpeedFan is a monitoring program for users who think that the Windows Task Manager is too basic. It allows you to monitor the health of your hard drives, the temperature of different components, and change the speed of the fans.
  • SRTMFill       
    3D Nature announces a free data processing utility for all SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) data users, just in time for Christmas! SRTMFill is a fast and easy program for patching NULL-data holes in SRTM DEMs by progressively in-filling from surrounding data, quickly making usable data from unusable DEMs. The basic version of SRTMFill is available free of charge to everyone.
  • StatPlus:mac 2009         
    Perform statistical analysis on a Mac in the familiar environment. Microsoft Excel 2004 or 2008 turns into a powerful statistical package with StatPlus:mac. Microsoft Excel provides invaluable calculation tools to Mac users. It offers limited set of data analysis tools though.
  • Steam Calculator 2.0       
    Team table calculator Excel add-in based on IAPWS-97 standard which calculates 23 different properties such as: Temperature, Pressure, Enthalpy, Entropy, Quality, Density, Internal Energy, Isobaric Heat Capacity, Isochoric Heat Capacity, Specific volume, Speed of Sound, Thermal Conductivity, Viscosity, Surface Tension, Helmholtz Free Energy, Gibbs Free Energy, Compressibility Factor, Isothermal Compressibility, Joule-Thompson Coefficient, Isothermal Joule-Thompson, Thermal Expansion Coefficient, Prandtl Number, Static Dielectric Constant.
  • Step       
    Step is an open source two-dimensional physics simulation engine that is included in the KDE SC as a part of KDE Education Project.[1] The software include the StepCore, a physical simulation library.
  • Stokes Three-Dimensional Permeability Solver       
    A set of C and Fortran computer programs have been developed for computing the permeability of three-dimensional porous media under incompressible Stokes flow conditions. While currently being employed to simulate the permeability of model pervious concretes, the codes have been utilized in the past on a wide variety of model and real (computer tomography) three-dimensional microstructures.
  • SU2 code       
    Primary applications are computational fluid dynamics and aerodynamic shape optimization,[7] but has been extended to treat more general equations such as electrodynamics and chemically reacting flows.
  • SureThing CD Labeler 5.0.569.0       
    The latest version of CD Labeler works is loaded with new features. It supports LightScribe Direct-to-Disc Labeling. This is HP's newest media technology for labeling discs, called "Direct Disc Labeling," and it's fully supported in SureThing CD/DVD Labeler Deluxe. This exciting technology uses your LightScribe-enabled CD/DVD drive to create silkscreen quality, iridescent labels burned directly to the disc surface, and SureThing is the first dedicated CD/DVD software package to support it.
  • Surface Curve Extraction tool       
    Extract isoline curves through a specified point on a surface or face of a solid to determine the contour lines of any shape. The tool displays a preview of the resulting spline before you pick the point. You can specify the direction of the isolines, either in the U or V direction.
  • Symbolic Math Toolbox™       
    Symbolic Math Toolbox™ provides functions for solving and manipulating symbolic math expressions and performing variable-precision arithmetic. You can analytically perform differentiation, integration, simplification, transforms, and equation solving. You can also generate code for MATLAB®, Simulink®, and Simscape™ from symbolic math expressions.
  • Task Manager 20|20 Team Task Management 20|20       
    Use Orbisoft's latest, award-winning Task Manager 20|20(tm) task management software to help you get organized and manage all your team's jobs and tasks effectively.
  • TEFTS       
    TEFTS is an open source program for DOS and UNIX "designed to do transient stability and energy function analyses of reduced dynamic models of ac/dc power systems, with additional capabilities for voltage stability (bifurcation) studies based on continuation methods.
  • TeraTerm Pro Web 3.1.3       
    This telnet client provides VT100 emulation, selected VT200/300 emulation, TEK4010 emulation and Kermit, XMODEM, ZMODEM, B-PLUS and Quick-VAN file transfer protocols. It also offers the ability to connect to SSH2 hosts, a built-in Web server for HTTP pass-through commands, macro language abilities including ODBC support, recurring commands and directory independent operation.
  • The HOMER® Microgrid Software       
    HOMER is the global standard in microgrid software, based on decades of listening to the needs of users around the world with experience in designing and deploying microgrids and distributed power systems that can include a combination of renewable power sources, storage, and fossil-based generation (either through a local generator or a power grid). The HOMER (Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources) model greatly simplifies the task of designing hybrid renewable microgrids, whether remote or attached to a larger grid.
  • Thermophysical Database - Thermo-Prop 1.4.5       
    This database compilation is a collection of information on materials properties and provides a strong platform for thermophysical and physicochemical properties needed in process modeling. Data about a range of materials such as aluminum, copper and ferrous alloys are made available.
  • Thermoptim 1.2       
    The THERMOPTIM series is a set of software tools dedicated to the learning and better understanding of applied thermodynamics. Whereas the analysis of energy technologies and thermodynamics are generally considered as difficult fields, it is possible to greatly simplify matters by separating the overall system description, which is generally rather simple, from the study of the various components considered one by one.
  • TinyCAD       
    Free open source software for drawing circuit diagrams, comes with a library of standard symbols.
  • TOPSPICE       
    TOPSPICE: is developed by panzer development in 1991. TOPSPICE is a analogue/digital/mixed circuit simulator. It is popular for its graphical IDE (indegrated design environment) easy to implement from schematic capture to graphical waveform analysis. It also compatible with HSPICE and PSPICE simulations.
  • Tortuga       
    Tortuga is a software framework for discrete event simulation in Java. A Tortuga simulation can be written either as interacting processes or as scheduled events. A Tortuga simulation can have thousands of entities, and can be part of a larger Java system.
  • TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Pro 2015       
    TurboFloorPlan 3D Home and Landscape Pro 2015 has everything you need to visualize and design your dream home and outdoor living spaces. Get the most pre-designed floorplans, professionally designed room and landscape templates, and thousands of drag-and-drop symbols to quickly get started and speed design, plus more tools to customize colors, materials, cabinets, and more. Perfect for remodeling, interior decorating, landscape and deck design, and more!
  • Unforgiven Organizer 90       
    The contact manager can open an e-mail client, dial a contact's number and open their Web site at a click of a button. A note section provides a place to jot down any thought or information. There is also a basic to-do list. The help tool tracks the section users are working in and indicates the function of that section.
  • Universal Distinct Element Code (UDEC)™       
    The Universal Distinct Element Code (UDEC) is a two-dimensional numerical software that simulates the quasi-static or dynamic response to loading of media containing multiple, intersecting joint structures. The discontinuous medium is represented as an assemblage of discrete blocks while the discontinuities are treated as boundary conditions between blocks. Large displacements along discontinuities and rotations of blocks can occur. UDEC utilizes an explicit solution scheme that can model complex, non-linear behaviors.
  • Universal Village Collaboration Suite 7.0       
    The collaboration software has state of the art pluggable architecture and includes the following out of the box modules: a contact manager, task and project management, online calendar, instant messenger, email and much more. The UVC system works online and lets users seamlessly share their information in real-time.
  • UWPFLOW       
    UWPFLOW is an open source Windows and UNIX-based toolset "designed to calculate local bifurcations related to system limits or singularities in the system Jacobian. The program also generates a series of output files that allow further analyses, such as tangent vectors, left and right eigenvectors at a singular bifurcation point, Jacobians, power flow solutions at different loading levels, voltage stability indices, etc".
  • VCCTL Software       
    The Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory (VCCTL) software provides a virtual testing laboratory environment that can be used by concrete scientists, engineers, and technologists for virtual testing of cement paste and concrete materials.
  • Virtual Physical Laboratory       
    The Virtual Physical Laboratory (VPLab) software contains over 250 interactive experiments for use by teachers and by pupils individually. It demonstrates physical principles and applications and is pitched at Physics GCSE, AS/A2 level, though the simulations may be of value at other academic levels.
  • Visual C++ Express       
    Visual Basic C + + can  be used to design visual programs. Visual C + + Express can design interactive visual applications.
  • Vuma Network 3.5       
    VUMA-network solves airflow, pollutant [dust, gas, radon smoke, heat] and temperature distributions interactively throughout a ventilation circuit and cooling network. The solution algorithm assumes compressible air and uses complet e thermodynamic calculations. Analysis of environmental control networks is made easy through the user-friendliness of this graphically enhanced package.
  • Water Distribution Analysis and Design Software       
    WaterGEMS provides you with a comprehensive yet easy-to-use decision-support tool for water distribution networks. The software helps improve your knowledge of how infrastructure behaves as a system, how it reacts to operational strategies, and how it should grow as population and demands increase. From fire flow and water quality simulations, to criticality and energy cost analysis, WaterGEMS has everything you need in a flexible multi-platform environment.
  • Water-to-Cement Distance Analysis Software       
    A menu-based system for computing the water-to-cement distance (proximity) function for user selected values of w/c and cement particle size distribution. In the given table, enter the particle size distribution of the cement. When the simulation is finished, you can view the water-to-cement distance distribution in your model paste, along with a table indicating the fractional water volume as a function of distance from the cement particle surfaces.
  • WBS Chart       
    WBS Schedule Pro contains a WBS Chart feature for planning and managing projects using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Chart. WBS Charts display the structure of a project showing how a project is organized into Summary (phase) and detail Task levels. Using a WBS Chart is a more intuitive approach to planning and displaying a project. As a planning tool, use the WBS Chart in WBS Schedule Pro to quickly sketch a project plan on the screen using a "Top-Down" approach.
  • WBS Chart Pro       
    WBS Chart Pro is an Add-in as well as an independent project management tool developed and published by Critical tools. With this tool, you can generate independent tree view charts on your project management or integrate the same with Microsoft Project application as a powerful Add-in. This tool works on the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) principle, which can easily show the varying details of information about the project in scope. The major factor for success of this tool is that, it has all features of an independent tool, and at the same time, it is developed for seamless integration with MS Project applications.
  • WBS Schedule Pro       
    The WBS Schedule Pro software contains a seamless integration to all versions of Microsoft Project. The bi-directional communication between WBS Schedule Pro and Microsoft Project means that you can go back and forth between the two tools with the click of a button with all data dynamically updated.
  • Web Server       
    Web Server is an application software that you can install on Windows or Linux machine. When you want run websites from your home computer, you need to install web server application software in PC in order to make http local server running.   Here have many open source web server are available download free and with this reviews you may find best web server to run your website more security.
  • WebServer - FreeWave (FGR2-PE)       
    The FGR2-PE and FGR2-P offer Ethernet and serial data communications using 900MHz license-free spectrum for reliable connectivity in RF harsh environments and over long data links.
  • Weebly       
    Weebly web app is the easiest way to create a free website, blog or online store. Using a simple drag & drop interface, build your site in minutes and choose from hundreds of professional designs. Absolutely no technical skills are required, and your site and domain are hosted for free on our world class infrastructure. Over 5 million people & businesses have used Weebly to build their online presence.
  • WhichTime Calendar 1.0       
    A fast easy to use calendar for planning and scheduling appointments, school study or your daily routine.
  • WIKA T32 Configuration       
    This is a configurations Software for digital Temperature Transmitter.
  • WinAVI Video Capture 2.0       
    You can save it on your computer or burn it to disc. Play it back on your PC or home DVD player. WinAVI Video Capture can save video in AVI, WMV, DivX, RM, DVD, VCD, SVCD or MPEG formats, which can be burnt to DVD, VCD or SVCD disks.
  • Windows Server 2008 R2       
    Windows Server 2008 R2 builds on the award-winning foundation of Windows Server 2008, expanding existing technology and adding new features to enable organizations to increase the reliability and flexibility of their server infrastructures.
  • Wireshark       
    Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer, and is the standard in many industries. It is the continuation of a project that started in 1998. Hundreds of developers around the world have contributed to it, and it is still under active development. Read or write many different capture file formats: tcpdump (libpcap), Catapult DCT2000, Cisco Secure IDS iplog, Microsoft Network Monitor, NAI Sniffer (compressed and uncompressed), Sniffer Pro, and NetXray, Network Instruments Observer, Novell LANalyzer, RADCOM WAN or LAN Analyzer, Shomiti or Finisar Surveyor, Tektronix K12xx, Visual Networks Visual UpTime, and WildPackets EtherPeek,TokenPeek, or AiroPeek.
  • X11       
    2D CAD but 3D features can also be created. As this is a free version of their commerical product, only one layer can be created for 2D modeling and the model size is limited to 200kB.
  • XSPICE       
    Xspice is an extension to the SPICE3 circuit simulator that provides the ability to use code modelling techniques to add new models. The XSPICE code model library contains over 40 new functional blocks including summers, multipliers, integrators, magnetic models, limiters, S-domain transfer functions, digital gates, digital storage elements, and a generalized digital state-machine.
  • Z Planner 1.0       
    Basic scheduling features and more advanced project management work together. Users can complete tasks on a step by step basis. Ideal for home businesses, independent workers, college students or members of a team with projects to complete on their own
  • Z88/Z88Aurora       
    The present version Z88Aurora V3 offers, in addition to static strength analysis modules such as non-linear strength calculations (large displacements), simulations with non-linear materials, natural frequency and static thermal analysis