The 2016 Southern African Roadshow


Steered by Steve Mackay, IDC Technologies and Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) hit the Southern African roads during January and February of 2016.

Windhoek, Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg were the cities visited this time around and the welcomes were warm.


Much of Steve’s presentation, in each location, covered the trends in engineering and technology; a topic which is potentially confronting. Not only is the speed of change daunting, but routine and repetitive roles are being consumed by progressively sophisticated automation and the internet.

For example, in many countries the traditional checkout in retail outlets is being replaced by an automated scanning machine. And humdrum legal tasks traditionally handled by a lawyer, such as the writing of a straightforward will, is now completed by simply downloading a form from the internet and finding a couple of witnesses.

There was, however, no weeping over the content of Steve’s presentation.  The Roadshow attendees are among those who are very well placed to cope, and even thrive, in this hectic world of change. After all, engineers and technicians tend to be captivated by advances in technology and often work in industries which are at its forefront. And the key to survival:  ‘the knack’ - which most of you have!

Steve emphasized the need to embrace these changes; to view them as potential opportunities and to consider how to harness them. He did, however, urge caution; being well aware that much of it is mere hype and holds little merit.

The Roadshows offered a brilliant opportunity to travel through two beautiful countries, but the most rewarding aspect of the trips was meeting past and present students and those who have been bumping along with us on the IDC and EIT ‘journey’. Many incredible people attended. Look out for some of their stories which will be published in our newsletters and on our websites as time goes on.

It is impossible to capture the real experience when travelling through a landscape; despite this a few photographs, taken on a small camera, are included here.