Scholar Research Activities

Scholarly activities are generally defined as those concerned with or relating to formal study or engaging in original research.

Research, in turn, is normally considered as an attempt by careful experimentation, study, observation, analysis and recording to:

  • discover new facts, knowledge and information
  • develop new interpretations of facts, knowledge or information, or
  • discover new means of applying existing knowledge.


As an accredited Higher Education provider, the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is committed to the scholarship of discovery as it contributes to the institution's academic advancement.

EIT focuses on the delivery of programs relevant to today's industry needs. Consequently, we seek that our scholar research:

  • includes original research that advances knowledge;
  • synthesizes information across topics, disciplines and/or time; and,
  • is presented in a format that will allow evaluation by others through public sharing.


Furthermore, EIT's scholar research activities expand to ensure the inclusion of the reality of contemporary life, such as sponsoring technical conferences and events that bring together relevant industry experts and professionals to share their knowledge and industry experience in an effort to advance their particular fields.


EIT Scholar Research Activities

Some recent excamples of EIT's Scholar Research Activities include:


Research Papers


Technical Conferences