Professional Certificate of Competency in Industrial Data Communications

EIT Professional Certificate of Competency in Industrial Data Communications endorsed by the International Society of Automation (ISA)


  • Identify, prevent and troubleshoot industrial communications problems
  • Fix over sixty of the most common problems that occur in industrial communications systems
  • Successfully troubleshoot industrial communications systems

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Modern industrial control and information systems employ a proliferation of technologies, including various hardware standards and protocols. For many of the personnel working with these systems the technologies are 'plug and play' and are just there to be used. The problems arise when decisions have to be made regarding the most suitable technologies for a given application, or when things go wrong and troubleshooting has to be performed. Without a thorough grasp of the working of the technologies involved, and without the availability of (and the ability to use) suitable diagnostic tools, this becomes a formidable challenge.

The world of industrial communications abounds with three-letter acronyms, protocols, layered communication systems, fieldbuses and device networks. There are numerous networking and industrial bus standards, synchronous and asynchronous protocols, baseband and broadband systems, bus and star topologies, connection-oriented and connectionless protocols. In addition, there is a pronounced migration towards the use of Ethernet and TCP/IP. No wonder some of us are feeling a little confused.

To complicate matters, many technicians and electricians who were initially trained in process instrumentation or electrical maintenance are now expected to perform network maintenance - truly a major challenge. This program demystifies the jargon and places the most popular systems, technologies, hardware standards and protocols in an OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) perspective. It explains how these technologies operate and equips participants with the tools and skills to do basic hardware and protocol-related troubleshooting on both serial (RS-485) and Ethernet type networks.

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Data Communications Basics

Overview of industrial data communications
Basic data communications principles
Error detection
Dealing with noise

MODULE 2: Serial Communications

RS-232 overview
RS-232 troubleshooting
RS-485 overview
RS-485 troubleshooting

MODULE 3: Introduction to Protocols

Protocol concepts
File transfer protocols

MODULE 4: Networking Basics and System Components

OSI model
Medium access control
Repeaters, hubs, bridges, switches, routers

MODULE 5: Industrial Ethernet

CSMA/CD (half-duplex) Ethernet
Fast Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet
Industrial Ethernet components and Techniques

MODULE 6: TCP/IP Internet Layer Protocols

The TCP/IP protocol suite
IP addressing techniques and routing concepts

MODULE 7: TCP/IP Host-to-Host and Application Layer Protocols

Host-to-Host layer protocols: TCP and UDP
FTP, DHCP, HTTP and other application layer protocols
PING, ARP, TRACERT and other TCP/IP utilities

MODULE 8: Fieldbuses

Fieldbus concepts
Foundation Fieldbus

MODULE 9: Modbus

The Modbus messaging protocol
Modbus Serial RTU
Modbus Serial ASCII
Modbus TCP/IP

MODULE 10: Wireless Communications and Networking

Microwave basics
Wireless networking components
IEEE802.11 WLANs


OPC concept
Overview of OPC specifications
OPC DA3.0 data access

MODULE 12: Network Security

Access control
Authentication and encryption
WLAN vulnerabilities and solutions


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EIT Professional Certificate of Competency in Industrial Data Communications

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