Practical Online Learning eBook

Practical Online Learning and Laboratories

For Engineering, Science and Technology - Steve Mackay and Darrell Fisher

"Apply the new online technologies to create brilliant hands-on, interactive education and training for professional and students of engineering and technology."

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Creating Useful Education and Training

Chapter 3: Putting Online Learning Under the Microscope

Chapter 4: Key Elements of Asynchronous Online Learning

Chapter 5: Synchronous Online Fundamentals

Chapter 6: Good Practice in Web Conferencing

Chapter 7: Mobile Learning

Chapter 8: Review of Traditional and Online Laboratories

Chapter 9: Virtual Laboratories

Chapter 10: Remote Laboratory Applications


Chapter 11: Remote Laboratory Approaches

Chapter 12: Virtual Teams and Collaborative Learning

Chapter 13: Assessment and Evaluation of Students and Online Learning Programs

Chapter 14: Management of Online Learning

Chapter 15: Marketing of Online Learning

Chapter 16: Applications

Chapter 17: Tying it All Together

The appendices contain explanations and discussions of claims made in the text, operational details of typical software packages used and suggested further reading on the subject. They include:

Appendix A    Self-Appraisal for Distance Learning Preferences
Appendix B    A Typical Learning Management System
Appendix C    A Typical Web Conferencing Package
Appendix D    A Typical Remote Labs Software Package
Appendix E    A Typical Proctoring Software Package