PICO Master Degrees


Earn credit towards a Master Degree or break through in your career




Our new PICO Master Degrees include a series of micro credentials which you can accumulate incrementally. This offers you a greater degree of flexibility and allows you to bank academic credit towards a full Master Degree. If you successfully complete the EIT Pico Master you will receive credit for one unit for the corresponding EIT Master of Engineering Degree. 

Entrance Requirements

Students who plan to proceed to an EIT Master Degree must meet the minimum entrance requirements and follow standard application procedures. Contact us for more information.  However – for those who wish to complete the PICO Masters for Professional Development purposes only, we strongly recommend some related industry experience and preferably a bachelor degree in an associated field. This course is delivered at postgraduate level .


Presentation Format

The course uses real-world applications with a blended approach involving interactive online webinars, simulation software and study assignments with full support on call. You will be required to attend weekly live, interactive  sessions with the lecturers and other participants from around the world. Each live tutorial will last 60 to 90 minutes. We take student availability into consideration wherever possible before scheduling webinar times. There will be reading assignments, video recordings, coursework or problems to be submitted and in some cases there will be practical exercises, using simulation software and remote labs that you can easily do from your home or office. All you need to participate is an adequate Internet connection, a computer, speakers and, if possible, a microphone. The software package and setup details will be sent to you prior to the course and you will have the support of a dedicated Learning Support Officer for the duration of your studies.


Why Pico? ‘Pico’ (symbol p) is a metric prefix to indicate a fraction of a unit, specifically a factor of 10-12.  How does this relate to the Pico Masters? Well, each EIT Pico Master course is conducted over 12 weeks, includes 12 live webinars and forms one 12th of a complete EIT Master Degree. While deliberating a name for these new courses we came across Pico, and the link to the number 12 made it a fitting choice. 


There are currently 4 titles available:

•    Practical Project Management - 26 June 2017

•    Data Analysis and Statistics - 25 September 2017

•    Environmental Issues and Sustainability - TBA - expressions of interest

•    Advanced Process Control - 25 September 2017


For more information or to receive the detailed course brochure, please complete this form.