“Open Day” webcast – is e-learning for me? Find out on January 20, 2010.

Thinking about studying in 2010?  Find out more about IDC’s Advanced Diploma engineering courses at our informative, complimentary “Open Day” webcast. In December last year we presented a short webcast offering a sample of what our online learning has to offer.  It is on again this month!
Join this 45 minute live webcast to hear about the “nuts and bolts” of studying for one of our advanced diploma courses.  The focus will be on new Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering Technology (but if you are interested in one of the other programs 90% of the webcast is of general interest).  There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions.
Choose Your Live Session

For conversion to your local time click the link which follows each time.  Both sessions are on Wednesday January 20, 2010:
Session 1: 9.00am London (GMT/UTC)
Link to time converter for Session 1

Session 2: 12.30pm London (GMT/UTC)
Link to time converter for Session 2

If these times do not suit, please register anyway and we’ll send you a link to a recording.  We will be presenting more of these live sessions in future.
What you'll need

This 45 minute web-based session will be live, in real time.  All you need to participate is a computer with adequate internet connection, speakers and (ideally) a microphone.
Register Now to join or receive the recording

To register, please send an email with ‘REGISTER ME’ in the subject line to Carol Moverley in our London office at
carol.moverley@idc-online.com   .  The email body needs to contain your first and last names and session preference (Session 1 OR Session 2 above). Carol will send you an acknowledgement email.
“Test Drive” Incentive (for new Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering Technology)
If you’ve been thinking about enrolling for this new course (starting February 8 this year), we like to offer you some peace of mind...... a “test drive”.  If you enrol and pay for the course but decide after the first module that it is not for you, we’ll provide you with a full refund of any payments you have made to us.
This trial effectively gives you 5 weeks of coursework to evaluate the course without risk, from February 8 until March 15 (decision day)!  You’ll enrol and pay by your chosen option and you’ll receive the same information, instruction and weekly online class sessions as a regular student.  The special difference is that if you decide to withdraw up until the 15th March then we’ll refund any payment you’ve made towards the course.
Interested?  Please just contact me by reply and I will send you a copy of the latest enrolment forms.  When you complete the forms just write the words “Test Drive” next to your payment details.  Then, if you withdraw by March 15, we’ll arrange your full refund.