On-Campus Lecturer Wanted

Position: On-Campus Lecturer (OCL) / Course Coordinator
Faculty/School/Department/Unit: Engineering
Type of Employment: Full-time

Primary Purpose of the Position:

The On-Campus Lecturer (OCL) is an on-campus, multi-disciplinary engineering lecturer who is physically present in all classes of the course they are assigned to and during all scheduled course contact hours to facilitate all on-campus content for that course. The OCL serves as the dominant/lead lecturer for that course and also serves as an overarching Course Coordinator for the course they are involved in for all sites and modalities where that course is being delivered.


The OCL will engage, as a senior on-campus lecturer in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching to on-campus students, postgraduate supervision, and further development of the School’s Engineering programs, as well as performing research, administrative and other activities.

As a Course Coordinator, the OCL is also responsible for leading, managing and coordinating the course study for which they are assigned to, as well as the Unit Coordinators and the guest and sessional staff e.g. Supplementary Expert Lecturers (SEL) involved in the course. As the person in charge of a course, the Course Coordinator is also responsible for setting the example in disciplinary practice, adopting scholarly teaching practices, developing and continually refining the course and/or units and maintaining course quality and disciplinary integrity.

The primary focus of the Course Coordinator is to ensure quality and consistency of a course in terms of its content, delivery and assessments, and evaluation. In addition, the Course Coordinator is responsible for academic and administrative tasks of the course offered in all locations and modalities and that contribute towards continuous improvement of the course. These include: preparatory activities, managing quality and consistency of the course teaching, ensuring technical and delivery problems are resolved.

The Course Coordinator will lead, motivate and inspire while ensuring that a quality learning experience for students is central to everything they do.

The following outlines the responsibilities of the On-Campus Lecturer (OCL) / Course Coordinator and the tasks associated with the role.


  • Demonstrated expert knowledge of the engineering profession and the specific area of engineering being taught e.g. Industrial Automation.
  • An understanding of and ability to apply equal opportunity in the workplace.


  • Possess qualifications and experience as per the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015 and as outlined in EIT’s Recruitment, Selection, Appointment and Induction Procedure for teaching at the AQF level of the Course being taught and coordinated.

Experience Required:

  • Fulfillment of all experience requirements for teaching at the AQF level of the course to be taught by this position, as per EIT’s policy requirements.
  • Experience in the conceptualization, development, and completion of relevant, high caliber academic research projects.
  • Experience in effectively teaching and/or coordinating engineering courses and/or units at the undergraduate level and/or at the postgraduate level.

Contact us if you're interested:

Please email lisa.giardini@idc-online.com for more details on the position, or feel free to send in your resume.