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Welcome to the Engineering Institute of Technology

The EIT provides endorsed online engineering diplomas (and beyond), designed for students working in industry who need a practical, relevant education that is delivered efficiently. Our students work in the fast-moving engineering and technology fields where time is precious. They choose the EIT’s online delivery because it provides many of the benefits of live classroom based study without the inconvenience of travel. All of our courses include frequent live sessions where expert instructors presented in a friendly, interactive manner.

Online engineering courses from the EIT are presented by some of the finest engineering lecturers and instructors worldwide who have extensive real engineering experience in industry. Our students enjoy the real benefits of having an "expert at the desk , with the live web-based sessions providing interest and motivation. See our "Student Stories" for testimonials.

The EIT’s courses are endorsed or validated by various reputable institutions worldwide. Detailed course information is available to download from this website.
Students have access to a growing electronic library of engineering reference materials. Visitors can browse some of this information in "Student Resources ".

Engineering education that works

Many universities and colleges currently have a significant challenge in delivering engineering course-work based advanced diplomas, graduate diplomas and masters degrees at a reasonable cost and to a high level of quality. The EIT achieves this using the latest online technologies that give students a personalised engineering education in economical class sizes.

The EIT is a sister company of the well known and reputable engineering training organization, IDC Technologies, who have been operating for over 20 years from offices throughout the world and who have delivered practical short courses to well over 300,000 engineers and technicians.