Navigating the Map for Higher Education


In October 2014, the Grattan Institute released the detailed report “Mapping Australian Higher Education, 2014-15” which presents the facts on Higher Education in Australia.

Currently Australian higher education providers total approximately 170. These providers are a blend of both on-campus and online institutes. With enrolments on a continual increase, the education industry has become (over a number of years) a high earner with an estimated value of over $26 billion back (estimated in 2012).

One of the more interesting statements made within this report suggest that the identifiable bridge between online and on-campus institutes is starting to close. This statistic is not surprising as there is an increasing overlap in delivery methods as many higher education providers incorporate some form of online technology in their delivery method. Furthermore, this could explain the growing trend by students to study partially or completely online. While the Australian higher education industry is still in its infancy we should expect (but not necessarily accept) the numerous regulatory changes driven by both the government. Remember, private stakeholders will continue to represent the interests of the student. Ultimately, the goal is to secure a strong future for Australian industries, by providing future graduates with high quality, well-rounded, higher education institutions.

The full report by Grattan Institute can be found on their website.