Mobile Application Development – the sky’s the limit


‘The number of apps is exploding’, reckons Dylan Tweney from Venture Beat News. And he goes on to say that people are using them ‘all day long’!

There are companies who track the mobile apps industry and to describe it have coined an expression, ‘the state of the apposphere’! This term gives some indication of the number of applications out there and of their popularity.

People are moving away from the traditional desktop operating systems because great mobile options are available. Another reason for this is lifestyle; people themselves are more mobile, but want to keep busy and remain connected.

The smartphone/tablet sector is expected to expand fairly dramatically, because there is still space for it.

With the increase in mobile devices, the demand for mobile applications will also inevitably grow.  The possibilities are endless. In industry alone the scope for apps is vast. Then there are the apps for entertainment; from the simplest of games, requiring focus and speed, through to more sophisticated challenges. Applications for social networking and for information will also require innovative developers to ensure that demand is supplied.

Towards the end of 2014, in Australia alone, it was estimated that the mobile app sector employed 139,600 staff nationally. These jobs range from mobile application development, to their maintenance, to technical support and updates. The fields more loosely related to the apps in industry cannot be ignored either; those involved in human resources and management, for example. The development of mobile apps directly or indirectly accounts for approximately 9.4% of all ICT jobs in Australia.

For creative and savvy individuals, interested in contributing to the digital economy, the mobile application industry is a good place to be.

The sector is expanding globally, it is still fresh, it is dynamic and for those casting about for career opportunities and ideas within the mobile application industry, the sky’s the limit.

Thanks to Andrew Sadauskas from Startup Smart