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Civil engineering influences almost every aspect of modern human life. Much of the physical infrastructure of modern society is provided through Civil Engineering. Civil Engineers plan, design, construct, maintain and recycle the structures in communities such as dams, bridges, roads, buildings, pipelines, railways and tunnels. Civil engineering is also responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the critical elements which keeps communities functioning, such as transport systems, wastewater treatment, gas, water and electricity supplies. It is not only one of the oldest engineering disciplines, but its direct impact on safety and quality of life means that it carries larger consequences and responsibilities than any other engineering discipline.

EIT’s Civil Engineering courses address these issues and provide a solid foundation in the fundamental knowledge and troubleshooting skills of civil engineering. Whilst there is probably not a shortage of theoretically oriented practitioners in civil engineering, there is a need for highly skilled, practically oriented engineers, technologists and technicians.

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