EIT Student Ambassadors - Apply Now!

EIT Student Ambassador Program




Are you a past or current EIT student with a passion for your course and helping others?   

Would you like to have valuable input into future EIT courses?

EIT are looking for dedicated volunteers to apply for the position of EIT Student Ambassador!


What is an EIT Ambassador?
This prestigious position is available to a dedicated EIT student or graduate to mentor current and future students and provide valuable insight into the mind of the EIT student.  An EIT Student ambassador acts as a successful student role model for prospective students.  The role will last for 1 year with only 5 EIT Ambassador positions available per year.

How does this benefit you?  An EIT ambassador gains:

  • A profile (including a link to your professional – LinkedIn – profile) on the EIT Ambassador section of the EIT website which receives tens of thousands of visitors every month
  • Complimentary registration to all technical conferences organized by EIT’s sister company, IDC Technologies, around the world – valued at US$1500 per event
  • FREE access to the IDC Technologies’ video course: Engineering Leadership – valued at US$299
  • A personalized EIT Student Ambassador certificate and reference for valuable use on your Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Opportunity to significantly improve your interpersonal and communication skills
  • Unique networking opportunities thanks to EIT’s vast contacts in more than 120 countries
  • Prestige due to the exclusivity of the program

What is expected from an EIT Ambassador?

As an EIT Ambassador you will be expected to assist in providing feedback regarding your experience with EIT, input in developments for future as well as representing the EIT student body.  Contact us for details.

Want to apply? To be considered you must:

  • Have successfully completed an EIT program OR be currently enrolled in an EIT program with no failed assessments to date.
  • Be up to date with all course payments.

Applications close 31st October 2017

To apply, download the application form here and email to Carolina Asenjo at carolina.asenjo@eit.edu.au