EIT in the radar of the State Training Board for good reasons!

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) welcomed Western Australia’s State Training Board Chair, Mr Jim Walker and ACPET’s Executive Officer, Mr Larry Davies at their head office in Perth, Western Australia on the 25th of February, 2016.

Dr Steve Mackay, Dean of Engineering at EIT, and the company managers welcomed the distinguished guests. They provided a snap shot of the college’s activities, including a rundown of the interactive, online learning platform employed by EIT. This involved a tour of the remote laboratories and an introduction to the eLearning course coordinators – the students’ dedicated support team.

The visitors were positively impressed with the way EIT brings industry-focused programs to students all around the world in such a practical and efficient way, maintaining high completion rates and strong student satisfaction, as shown in the multitude of student stories shared across their website.

This is how EIT provides students with the practical applications which support their study

In the majority of EIT’s programs, students participate in practical exercises using a combination of cutting edge laboratories with real hardware operated remotely by students as well as virtual laboratories and simulation software, to ensure they receive the requisite "hands-on" experience. This provides solid practical exposure to the key principles covered in the program and ensures students are able to put theory into practice. Through these hands-on exercises using simulation software, remote laboratories, virtual labs, practical based assignments and interactive discussion groups, students are able to grasp new knowledge, "take ownership of it" and apply it successfully to the real world.

You can view an example of how the remote laboratories work here: http://www.eit.edu.au/eit-program-delivery-methodology

Read the full article above entitled, ‘State Training Board Campus Visits’ at the ACPET website – www.acpet.edu.au.