EIT 2014 Graduate Galas


In May 2014, EIT was proud to host Graduate Galas in Australia and South Africa to celebrate our past students and foment stronger ties among the alumni community and EIT’s network of instructors and course coordinators.


It can be a real challenge for an online institution with a vast range of programmes and different completion dates to gather guests in a specific physical location for an event like this; nonetheless we had a candid attendance with some of our graduates flying from overseas to join us.

This year we introduced the Graduate Award to recognise the hard work and dedication of our students. Little did we know how challenging the decision-making process would prove to be when the applications began rolling in. Whilst some were heart warming, others amusing and others contained pearls of wisdom that EIT would like to shout from the roof tops, they were all imbued with distinction and we are very grateful to everyone that participated. Congratulations to the winners: Chris de Lange and Yoni Wa Mbayo. Stay tuned to our upcoming eNewsletters to learn more about their encouraging stories.


Extracts from some of the Graduate Award applications:

Nestor Martinez (Shift Electrician) - Advanced Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering for Oil and Gas Facilities:

“It has given me the confidence to start my own company as a contractor”


Bob Brockhill (Electrical Contractor and Design Project Manager) - Diploma of Electrical Supply Industry:

“Some may call the following event a mid-life crisis. I can recall carrying out electrical work where I was standing near the top of a very tall set of steps with a heavy hammer drill above my head – it had a 400mm long drill bit. I was drilling a hole through a 300mm concrete section for a twin fire cable which had inadvertently been left out! It was at that point that I decided to go back to school and this eventually led me to the EIT”


Paul Carpenter (Instrumentation/Electrical industry) - Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation:

After mentioning that his greatest achievement was his family he explains, “After commencing the EIT advanced diploma I have gained a drive, not only to become a better instrument/electrician, but to do so much more with my career”

“The passion and knowledge the lecturers show throughout the course is remarkable”


Colin McDonnell (Civil/Structural Draughtsman) - Advanced Diploma of Plant Engineering:

“The content of the course drew much interest and at times debate within my own design team. This course had an immediate influence on my work; an understanding of certain aspects of the project being discussed and the confidence to talk or ask questions. The course gave me the ability to research work related topics better; I was searching more specific areas and getting more specific answers. The course has given me a broad set of multi-discipline skills which will assist me in achieving my personal and career ambitions over the coming years”


Dale Lee (Refrigeration/HVAC Senior Service Technician) - Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering Technology:

“I found having an e-learning co-ordinator, as a point of reference, invaluable. During the course I became a first time dad – the EIT program allowed me the flexibility I needed”


Johannes Smit - Advanced Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering for Oil and Gas Facilities:

Some challenges: “submitting assignments on time despite work commitments, time management, late night webinars … getting to work the next day with puffed eyes. But it was worth all the hours and effort. I gained a greater appreciation and understanding for the work that we are doing in this industry. This course showed me that I can have pride in what I am doing”


Murray Langley (Project Coordinator Electrical and Instrumentation) - Vocational Graduate Diploma of Project Management in Industrial Automation:

“I see myself as more professional through undertaking this course. It has confirmed that I am functioning at a high level in my job and allowed me to develop myself holistically and in an integrated manner”


Allan butler (Senior SCADA Engineer) - Vocational Graduate Diploma of Project Management in Industrial Automation:

“The interaction I had with the other students was a highlight. It is extremely humbling to have people from around the world add comment and opinion to a webinar”


Pratik Patel (Technical and QA Manager) - Advanced Diploma of Plant Engineering:

“It was a memorable experience


We would also like to thank our special speakers: Dr. Steve Mackay (EIT's Dean of Engineering), Richard Morley (inventor of the PLC), Bryan McSweeney (associate member of Engineers Australia) and Brian Hobby (EIT lecturer).

Don't miss out on the special message from 'Dick' Morley to EIT's graduates. True to form his presentation is remarkable and rather inspiring. Click HERE to view it



Murphy’s Law also present at the Gala

The Australian Gala was broadcasted online; however Murphy’s law took a turn for the worst when the venue lost all Internet connectivity halfway through the event (and for more than one day) and our backup Internet dongle (provider to remain nameless) also failed to deliver. This was a huge disappointment and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience it caused our guests who were joining us remotely.