Do you need to reskill to remain marketable?


Many industries are making the transition from the construction phase to the production phase, as the story in the link at the bottom of this article illustrates. This is a natural evolution, but for engineers who have worked on the greenfield or new build facilities this shift can render them unemployable.

This new optimization chapter is exciting; the intended stage of production has been initiated, new opportunities will emerge and the economy will (or should) benefit.

As with any change, however, some agility and flexibility is required. And this is not always painless. A workforce that has honed its skills for the construction phase is not the same workforce required for the production phase; which is largely focussed on operations and maintenance.

Many engineers will need to reskill to remain marketable. With industry and college/university collaboration this is achievable. Skill gaps can be addressed and education programs tailored to fit.

There are many programs available at the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) that will help you to reskill and also to update your current knowledge. View the full training schedule available here:

Click on the below links to view details on some upcoming programs or if you would like a no obligation quote for any of our programs for your company (which can be customized to suit your company needs), please click here for details:

Advanced Diploma of Industrial Data Communications, Networking and IT - April 4, 2016

Gain in-depth skills and knowledge by undertaking this Advanced Diploma in Industrial Data Communications, Networking and IT over 18 months (intensive, part-time). Delivered by live distance learning and presented by some of the leading industrial data communications and IT instructors in the world today. Full details here.


Professional Certificate of Competency in Best Practice in Process, Electrical & Instrumentation Drawings and Documentation - April 11, 2016

This three month course is designed for engineers and technicians from a wide range of abilities and backgrounds and will provide an excellent introduction to mastering plant documentation and diagrams. It covers the flow of documentation from design through manufacture to maintenance and operations…plus more! Full details here.


Professional Certificate of Competency in AS3000:2007 Electrical Wiring Rules - April 11, 2016

This three month course covers the requirements laid down in the standard AS/NZS 3000, commonly known as the Australia - New Zealand Wiring Rules. For those installations covered in the scope of this standard, its provisions are mandatory and must be followed. Any engineer involved in planning and design of electrical systems, their installation or maintenance must have a clear idea about the various requirements contained in the standard. Full details here.


Read the full article by the name of Job opportunities for LNG engineers changing as natural gas industry moves intro production phase at ABC News -