Defending Control Systems - Cybersecurity


 "The bad guys are already in your network." This is according to Richard Clarke, a recent cyberspace and security special advisor to the US president.

If he is indeed correct then those capable of implementing defense systems to mitigate damage are becoming fundamental to successful business.

Cybersecurity is a relatively new word (arguably two) which is downright sexy and has fast become a common term in the field of data communications and information technology (IT). The alliteration helps it roll off the tongue and those working in the area seem endowed with an inscrutable and dignified intelligence. Its origins in science fiction may be partly responsible for this, but otherwise it is because ability in this field requires modern day James Bond sleuthing skills and solutions.

The heart of an enterprise - an automation or SCADA system - is particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks, yet is the key to productivity and efficiency. So if the 'bad guys' are already ‘in’ and the focus is on limiting the damage they are capable of, what do cybersecurity experts need and how do I enter the field?

  • An integral understanding of networks and control systems and of where their susceptibilities lie.
  • Some knowledge of the tricks available to attackers and of their modus operandi, in order to thwart them.
  • The ability to second guess future assaults; where tactics are adjusted to bypass the cybersecurity hurdles they encounter.
  • And above all, to have clarity on the security measures that are available to the ‘good guys’ and to understand how these can be best employed.

For experienced and enthusiastic engineers and technicians in the data communications and information technology fields, it can be tricky to navigate the right path to become a Cybersecurity specialist. Recognizing the growing need for knowledgeable Cybersecurity specialists, the International Society of Automation (ISA) have created an online course that can grant graduates entry into the ISA99/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist Certificate Program.

Bruce Schneier, an American cryptographer and guru on computer security, made the following comment: "The mantra of any good security engineer should be: 'Security is not a product, but a process.'

His words highlight the importance of the specialists in this field - the security engineers or information security officers - something Richard Clarke absolutely endorses.



EIT’s 6 week course titled, Professional Certificate of Competency in Cybersecurity for Automation, Control, and SCADA Systems, is scheduled for July 13, 2015.

Limited places are available.

If you are using any form of communication system, this course will give you the essential tools in securing and protecting your industrial networks whether they are automation, process control, PLC or SCADA based.

Click here for full course details and to secure your place.


*Payment is not required until two weeks before the start of the course.