Another option added for university pathway program

Another university offers credit for Advanced Diploma of Engineering Practice (Feb 3, 2014) - leading to the Bachelor of Engineering.

About 2 months ago we launched the above ‘intensive part time’ 24 month program as a 100% online alternative for the first 2 years of a Bachelor of Engineering.  Some potential students told us there were two awkward aspects:

1.    The final 2 years (at a university) would probably require full-time on campus studies.
2.    There was no online alternative for the final 2 years.

Charles Darwin University (CDU) will now provide 2 years credit into their 4-year Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics Engineering stream). That is, you would start at Year 3. There is a major benefit attached to this: there is an external option available. It means you can study the last 2 years on campus in Darwin, or study online from anywhere. But please note: you will still need to attend campus for 1 or 2 weeks in each of the final years to satisfy the lab requirements (this is a requirement for Engineers Australia accreditation).  This will add to your costs. Keep in mind that the last 2 years will take you longer to achieve part time.

If you think this may be an option for you please download and read the brochure, especially pages 2 to 5. We have not yet updated the program brochure to include CDU but the main points are valid.

Students who pass the Advanced Diploma of Engineering Practice can also consider on campus studies at Hull University (UK) or Stony Brook University (USA).

Many of our students have considered a degree in the past. It is a major commitment.  I strongly recommend you think over the implications of this pathway when comparing it to the more immediate rewards to be gained by completing one of our typical 18 month advanced diploma programs such as those listed below.